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Estonian animator Priit Pärn coming to NYC

Heads up, New Yorkers: Estonian animator Priit Pärn will be making a rare appearence in Brooklyn to attend a specially curated screening program of his work on September 27th, 28th, and 29th 2012. One of the most influential artists in animation, Pärn has not been to NYC since 1989; this is a rare opportunity to meet him in-person and to see his films on the big screen.

The six-part screening program includes a selection of his post-soviet era films. A complementary/supporting program entitled The New Pärnographers, which plays throughout the month of September in front of other films, will present contemporary animated shorts by over a dozen artists from around the world whose work has been inspired by Priit Pärn. Participating animators include: Koji Yamamura (Japan), Igor Kovalyov (Russia/USA), Dylan Hayes (USA) Ami Lindholm (Finland), Christy Karacas (USA) and many more.

The Spectacle screening space in Williamsburg has limited seating. Tickets are $5 and you should definitely pre-buy tickets if you want to be guaranteed a seat. Full details can be found here. Don’t miss this chance to meet a true animation original.

  • manny

    im so sad that i live in california and cant afford to just go to nyc to see the coolest dude in animation history outside of north america ;'(

    • If you can’t attend – the theater is creating a small publication with excerpts from the Q&A sessions, pictures, film stills and more. Check the theater page for more info.

    • GhaleonQ

      But this is the rare occasion when the east coast gets a phenomenal and rare event over the west! That’s a stellar lineup.

      Now, for those of us in the midwest… *sheds tear*