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Film Noir Cartoons at the Academy

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills California is running a summer series of Oscar Noir, classic film noir features from the 1940s, each Monday night beginning May 10th. Each film will screen with a chapter of Republic’s epic Adventures of Captain Marvel serial (a brand new, restored 35mm print) and a “film noir” cartoon.

I was asked to help program the cartoons to be shown – and I came up with a slew of suggestions. My recommendations included HOW TO BE A DETECTIVE (Disney — w/Goofy), SHOWDOWN (Fleischer Studios – w/Superman), THE SUPER SNOOPER (Warner Bros. — w/Daffy Duck), DUCK PIMPLES (Disney — w/Doanld Duck), WHO KILLED WHO? (MGM/Tex Avery), ROOTY TOOT TOOT (UPA), BOSTON QUACKIE (Warner Bros. — w/Daffy Duck), DONALD’S CRIME (Disney — w/Donald Duck), THE CUCKOO CLOCK (MGM/Tex Avery), THE GREAT PIGGY BANK ROBBERY (Warner Bros. — w/Daffy Duck), MOTHER HUBBA HUBBA HUBBARD (Columbia/Sony), BAD LUCK BLACKIE (Tex Avery), THE LAST HUNGRY CAT (Warner Bros. — w/Tweety & Sylvester) and GOLDEN YEGGS (Warner Bros. — w/Daffy Duck).

I also strongly suggested they show Columbia’s FLORA with Otto Preminger’s Laura – and the only non-film noir cartoon I picked was the UPA/Mr. Magoo TROUBLE INDEMNITY which I urged they show with Billy Wilder’s Double Indemnity.

As for the features themselves, and other information on this series, visit Oscars.org for details. The series pass is only $30. – Highly recommended!

  • Jaw dropping. Time to move to Los Angeles for this kind of stuff alone.

  • What about the Max Fleischer Color Classic THE FRESH VEGETABLE MYSTERY?

  • Mike Cagle

    Film noir fans in LA might want to check this out also — there are still several days remaining:


  • robert pope

    Super Snooper is one of my fave McKimson cartoons…!

  • Weird, that Goofy short wasn’t in the Goofy Disney Archive(*tin can) series. I wonder why.

    *And, man how I wished to have these sort of screenings out on the east coast. Great list of shorts!

  • why oh why don’t I live where awesome things like this happens

  • In the interests of accuracy—Ariel, the Goofy short HOW TO BE A DETECTIVE was definitely in the Walt Disney Treasures “tin can” series.

  • Alonzo

    There must be good 35mm prints of those titles or Jerry wouldn’t have picked them.

  • Brian

    Hmmmm. Firefox gives all kinds of dire warnings that oscars.org may not be who they claim to be. Something about security certificate information not aligning correctly to the domain name. Are we sure this is really AMPAS?

  • Bill Cross

    A little OT, but “The Adventures of Captain Marvel” is well worth seeing. It remains my favorite and is widely considered to be one of the best serials ever filmed.

    And let me second what David Gerstein posted – “HOW TO BE A DETECTIVE” (1952) can be found on Disc 2 of the Complete Goofy/Walt Disney Treasures set.

  • Ariel

    Thanks David and Bill :)

    I’ll look at my “tin can” series again. If i’ve seen it, it didn’t stick-out for some reason.

  • Bit late to the party on this one, but I would have included the psychological terror shorts by Jones, Hypo-condri-Cat and Chow Hound.
    Not that your choices aren’t fine…
    On the Captain Marvel serial, I show my comics history students chapter 5 when we discuss the 40s. They always go nuts when Cap throws the bad guy off the roof!

  • Fine choices. I loved a lot of this film noir spoof shorts than any cartoons genres. They are so exciting!

  • Brian

    I quit worrying and just used the website. Got my tix in the mail today; can’t wait! Thanks for programming the cartoons; that gives me a lot of faith that this event will be as terrific as it deserves.

  • Duck Pimples was one of my favorite shorts as a kid (and I was born in the 80s), and to this day I have no idea why.

  • I’ve gone to the first two nights–it has a strong attendance and audience is loving the cartoon pairings. And they even mentioned Jerry’s assistance in opening remarks on Monday.