<em>Fixed Fluid Fragmented</em> by Michel Gagné <em>Fixed Fluid Fragmented</em> by Michel Gagné

Fixed Fluid Fragmented by Michel Gagné

Trailer for Fixed Fluid Fragmented

How do you do something new when you’ve already made your own animated shorts, worked on features and TV shows,, and created comics, illustrated books, video games and toys? For the prolific and creatively restless Michel Gagné, the answer is Fixed Fluid Fragmented, a live performance piece that will debut at Vancouver’s Roundhouse Performance Centre on June 25th. The project was developed in conjunction with composer Barry Guy who will be leading an improvisational music group alongside the animation.

Gagné’s explanation of the idea sounds similar to VJing concepts albeit mixed with a filmmaker’s sensibility. He writes: “I’ve been developing techniques and technology that will go way beyond playing a movie on a screen behind performing musicians. In fact, I will PLAY the animation as if I was playing a musical instrument. I will be creating the final images, live, on stage, interacting with the musicians in a way that, to my knowledge, has never been seen before.”

Tickets go on sale tomorrow at this link. I’m intrigued and wouldn’t miss this if I were anywhere near Vancouver on June 25.

  • Cathy

    This is beautiful – I am a great fan of Fischinger’s and of abstract animation – but unlike Fischinger’s approach this approach tries to hard to synch the sound. Fischinger was aware of the “space between sounds” and did not simply synch beats/sounds, which is what seems to be happening here. I think synching the entire piece rather than only the obvious sound would produce stronger works.

    Still, it’s a great effort and a direction I wish we would see more of!

  • Gagné’s work is truly fascinating. I guess you could call this “something new” but Oskar Fischinger was doing live performance using this kind of imagery 50 years ago, only he didn’t have computer technology to help him. Gagné’ is clearly influenced by Fischinger, and I’m glad there are great artists keeping the spirit alive.

  • This is very appealing. And the band is pretty great too.

  • FP

    Fun to look at. Fischinger has been mentioned. The homage is clear. Music reminds me of Marc Ribot.

  • Robert Schaad

    This is cool. Obviously picks up on Fischinger’s work but that’s okay. It’d be nice to get this in NYC…

  • I saw some of this at a showing Gagne did.

    He seems to be a lot of talk, I’m not sure if he’s pioneering as much as he thinks here.

  • kevin

    a couple of those clips look similar to the taste visualization stuff he did for Ratatouille. Interacting with it live and real-time sounds interesting. Wish I were in Vancouver to see it :(

  • Groundbreaking original or Fischinger homage? I don’t care, it looks like tons of fun either way! Gagne puts his own particular spin on everything he touches, and to me that makes him a real artist. You don’t have to invent paint to be a great painter.

  • dave Smith

    Fischinger also played shapes and color live with his “color organ” in the 1950’s. His expansion of the “color organ” lead to the “lumigraph” which he had hoped would become toys for children and learning tools for adults.

    Where’s that progressive world? I want to live in that dimension.

    Small bit of information about “color organs” here.


  • Wow, that’s very fascinating… I love how the images make you experience the sound more viscerally.