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Fredrikstad Animation Festival


If you’re in Norway this week, I hope to see you at the Fredrikstad Animation Festival, which takes place this Wednesday through Sunday. Among the events at the festival is a day-long seminar on Friday, October 24, entitled “American Masters of Animation: American Animation from Disney to PES.”

At the seminar, Andreas Deja will be talking about Disney’s Nine Old Men and PES will offer a masterclass on his approach to directing stop-motion animation. They’ve also wrangled me into being part of the program, and while I don’t exactly qualify as a master in anything (unless you ask my mom, in which case I’m a master in everything), I’ll be doing a lecture about the works of Fifties design masters like Bobe Cannon, Ward Kimball, Tom Oreb, Ed Benedict and John Hubley. Even more exciting, I’ll be interviewing Gene Deitch, an honest-to-goodness animation legend, live on-stage.

I’m going to pick Gene’s brain about everything he’s done, from creating the classic TV series Tom Terrific

…to making mind-bendingly trippy political allegories like The Giants

…and who knows, maybe we’ll even talk about these:

In other words, this Friday will be damn awesome if you’re in Norway! There are also plenty of other fine screenings and presentations planned throughout the week. See you in Fredrikstad!

(PS – If Brew readers have any suggestions for things to see in Oslo and Fredrikstad, please drop a line in the comments.)

  • If I was in that part of the world, I’d go to the John Bauer Museum in Jönköping Sweden. I posted some incredible paintings by Bauer on the archive site today.

  • Isn’t EVERYTHING damn awesome if you’re in Norway?

    Be sure to party with beer!

  • Tom Pope

    See the Viking ship. Can’t remember the name.

  • Paul N

    For those who’d like to see Gene Deitch but can’t make it to Norway, he’ll be at San Francisco State on November 20th, talking about his work adapting children’s books to animation. The event is hosted by SF State’s Animation Society and ASIFA-SF. 8 PM, Fine Arts building, Coppola theater (rm 101). Admission is free.

  • Olve

    I’ll be there from Thursday onwards. See you then Amid. :)
    (Oslo is my hometown so just get in touch if you need some tips.)

  • Rey

    There’s not much to see in Fredrikstad this time of year. It’s very much a summer town when a lot happens, but the autumn is rather dull.

    You have to see the Old Town though. Building back to the 1600s and a great atmosphere.

    Planning on attending the seminar on friday. Should be interesting

  • Lots of info (in English) on things to see and do in Fredrikstad and surrounding area on this site And talking about cool paintings, check out the Odd Skullerud retrospective at the Østfold kunstnersenter (open 12-17), inspiring stuff! Best, Marie :-)