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FRIDAY IN L.A: Hugo The Hippo vs. UCLA Archive?

Decisions, Decisions! Tonight in L.A. (4/14) you have your choice:

1. From Inkwell to Desktop: A Selection of Early Hand Drawn and Digital Animation at the Hammer Museum’s Billy Wilder Theatre in Westwood. The program begins at 7:30pm. I will be appearing with Bill Kroyer on a panel discussing how animation techniques have changed since the earliest days of cinema. For ticket information click here.


2. Hugo The Hippo at the CineFamily/Silent Movie Theatre. At 8pm, this rarely screened 1975 animated feature from Hungry’s the Hungarian Pannonia Studio (shown in 35mm), is the first in a weekly sereies of Fun and Funky Kids Films, curated by Lance Robertson and Kevin Lee (of Yo Gabba Gabba). A program of rarely shown stop-motion animated shorts from the Czech Republic, France, and Russia begins the program, and then Hugo, a psychedelic kiddie film, featuring the voice talents of Burl Ives, Paul Lynde and several funky tunes sung by Marie and Jimmy Osmond. For more info click here.