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TOMORROW: John Canemaker at MoMA

Joe Ranft drawing
If you are in NY tomorrow evening, there is only one place you should be: at MoMA to attend John Canemaker’s lecture about his new book Two Guys Named Joe: Master Animation Storytellers Joe Grant & Joe Ranft. The lecture begins at 7pm followed by a book signing. Tickets, which can be purchased at the door, are $10 for adults or $6 for students.

Also, on Saturday, October 2, there will be two screenings at MoMA themed around the book. The first screening at 2pm celebrates Ranft’s career and includes the super-rare 1982 Disney short Fun with Mr. Future, as well as Luxo Jr., Tin Toy, and Toy Story. The second screening at 5pm revolves around Grant’s work, and features Mickey’s Gala Premier, Who Killed Cock Robin?, Lorenzo, and Dumbo.

More details about the programs can be found on the MoMA website. Also, see our in-depth interview with John Canemaker on Cartoon Brew about the new book.

  • They need to start holding these events where some of us will be able to see it. :(

  • I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it to John’s panel tomorrow night, but I’ll definitely try to make it to the screenings on Saturday. To me, just seeing FUN WITH MR. FUTURE and LORENZO, and DUMBO on the big screen is worth the price of admission.

  • It’s great that they are showing the rarely screened Fun with Mr. Future, but Luxo and Tin Toy are odd choices since, as far as I know, Ranft wasn’t involved with them. A scene from The Brave Little Toaster or Who Framed Roger Rabbit (he storyboarded part of the opening cartoon) would be better choices. I look forward to getting the book to learn more.

  • I recently finished reading Two Guys Named Joe. While I found the first half — the Joe Ranft story — to be a bit fawning and one-sided (understandable, considering the man’s recent and tragic death), the second half, the half about Joe Grant, was AMAZING.
    The way that Canemaker tells the tale, you both admire and shake your head in frustration at the man. While an undisputed genius, he clearly was an ass to his co-workers at times. When his co-workers respond with blatant anti-Semitic remarks, you start to veer back towards Grant’s side…only to have Grant take the credit for someone else’s ideas while in a meeting with Walt.
    If only more animation biographies were written with such a well-rounded and honest approach to their subjects, perhaps we’d finally get that long awaited, 3D mo-cap biopic of Walt Disney and his 9 Old Men!

  • Chandra Butkis

    I agree J.M., I loved the Joe Grant half. Though Joe Ranft was undoubtedly a very talented man, writing about him seemed like pandering to Pixar to me.
    However, that is only my opinion. Still, Mr. Canemaker is a fine writer and I look forward to his next book.

  • Paul N

    Saw John give this presentation at the Disney Museum last month. If you’re anywhere near MoMA, abandon all other plans and go.