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Gag Me With A Toon


Meltdown Comics in Hollywood is celebrating the “wonderfully mesmerizing phenomenon of ’80’s era cartoons” with a gallery show opening this Saturday (4/5). Gag Me With A Toon features a fine array of artists (including Jim Mahfood, Roman Dirge and 24 others) re-interpreting their favorite little blue creatures and transforming robots from that mind numbing decade, in a show show curated by artist Steven Daily. Sneak peek online here.

  • This looks so amazingly cool, I wish I could go! The preview art is insane. I love that smurf, it’s absolutely perfect. Why does all the awesome stuff go down in Cali? Share with New York!

  • OM

    …Yeah, but none of them will compare to that UNICEF ad from a couple of years ago, where we Smurf-haters finally got what we’ve all wanted to see – the Smurfs getting bombed into near-extinction!

  • Is it just me, or has messing with cartoon characters become beyond redundant? Might have had an impact a million years ago when MAD did it, but 2008?