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Going “Looney Tunes” at Comic Con

I’ll be in San Diego next week, lurking around Comic Con, hanging out at Tr!ckster, and showing The Worst Cartoons Ever.

If you’re going, you’ll be seeing a lot of people walking around with this bag (above) which will be handed to all attendees of Comic Con. It’s the official carry-bag of the Con, designed by Warner Bros. Worldwide TV Marketing. The bags feature artwork from 10 different Warner Bros. titles (TV series, video games, DC Comics) on one side, with official Comic-Con 2011 artwork (also designed by WB WW TV Mktg) on the other. For the first time, the giant-sized (24″x28″) bag converts into a backpack, making it more functional. And, yes, the protective poster tube remains intact.

I’ll be posting later this week about my panels and whereabouts. If you know of any parties, panels, things I should check out while there, let me know.

  • Inkan1969

    For a moment, I thought you were going to say that you would be including “The Looney Tunes Show” in your “Worst Cartoons Ever” series. :-)

    • Ryoku

      If I had a “worst cartoon series” I’d certainly throw in “The Looney Tunes Show”!

      Actually you can just watch Cartoon Network as a good alternative, almost every cartoon on there is awful.

  • Trevor

    Any word on WB screenings? Like the new Looney Tunes shorts announced earlier last month?

  • Paul N

    Nice bag – almost makes me wish I was going.

  • Keegan

    Ask them how wasted the studio was when they came up with the idea to revive the Looney Tunes, but stripped of their “Looney” nature and with the scripts of rejected sitcom writers.

    • You’d probably have better luck (and sound like less of an ass) if you asked WB what they were thinking when they made Baby Looney Tunes/Loonatics Unleashed.

      Seriously, enough of this snarky crap. It’s one thing to not approve of a show, but to call the WB crew “wasted” is just insulting. Furthermore, The Looney Tunes Show isn’t even that bad. I’m really starting to get tired of all the hate this show is getting. No, it’s NOT like the original shorts, but is is supposed to be?

      I’d rather see WB expiriment and try something different with the Looney Tunes (artistic and humor wise) than to have some mediorce attempts at recreating the original shorts – that means you, Larry Doyle.

      • snip2346

        The pilot is arguably the worst episode yet. They are on 10 now, and it’s actually varying degrees of so-so to good!

      • DNAndy

        @Deaniac I don’t see much of a difference between TLTS and Loonatics Unleashed/ Baby Looney Tunes. All three shows are unfunny and don’t have any spirit of their own (notice I didn’t say the spirit of the Looney Tunes), as well as trying to be niche as possible. What does TLTS have over them? References, aaaaand….that’s it.

        The Looney Tunes Show isn’t terrible bad like Loonatics but is boring bad, and I hope that the second season will improve on the humor and voice acting.

      • Ryoku

        I dunno why everyone gets the idea that people don’t like the new ‘Tunes because they’re not like the old ones, we don’t like them because the show simply has awful writing!

        I too would like to know why they decided to combine Seinfield and Looney Tunes, and how they managed to screw it up.

  • victoria

    Will you be attending the first look at Legend of Korra?

  • i finally got to watch an episode.

    To quote of “them”……yyyyggkk! I never laffed ONCE. Thank God for the REAL ones (still being aired!!)


    Hi, I am from south germany and bag some tomatoes too for the ultimate launch.

    Also I agree the show is boring!!!!

  • Mike

    Lord I hate the Looney Tunes show. What a disgraceful revival.

  • 2011 Adult


    They REALLY want people to know about this show!

  • I really don’t get all the hate for the new Looney Toons. Sure, it’s not on the same level as the classic period, but as far as I can see it’s better than almost anything I’ve seen done with these characters post 50’s. The animation is far more expressive than those awful 60’s Daffy/Speedy cartoons or the filler in those cobbled together Fritz Freleng movies. I’d say the closest is the Duck Dodgers cartoons, although even those don’t quite have the same edgy energy.

    So they’re in the suburbs and they’ve been tweaked, so what? Throughout even the 40’s-50’s the characters were pretty fluid and plugged into a variety of scenarios. I’d like to see them do more with Bugs than his frequent straight man turns here, but there’s some interesting fresh takes on old characters here, and it doesn’t involve kiddie doppelgangers or turning them into ninja superheroes. I may not share Jessica Borutski’s big feet fetish, but otherwise I think she’s come up with some really funny appealing designs.

    What can I say? It makes me laugh and I think if it didn’t involve old classic characters people would be more charitable towards it.

    • DNAndy

      Well let’s be honest here: I doubt people would care if the show was nothing like the original shorts. Why do fans keep claiming that? People dislike the show because it’s boring and unfunny, as well as being completely generic and not having it’s own voice or memorable episodes or scenes. I’d like the show to have more episodes like Casa de Calma, but with the sitcom element put in with good verbal humor and funny situations. Not the same crap that other sitcoms have been doing for years.

      I have no problems with people who like it, but I have to wonder if they’d keep watching it if Bugs and the other Looney Tunes characters were gone.

      • Ryoku

        I dunno if I coulda said that any better, fans always assume its the changes people don’t like but really, even if Bugs and Daffy had proper designs and better voicework you’d still have terrible writing.

        I’d like to know how 9 writers could make something so generic and bland, its as if they’re machines.

      • I mention the changes because for one thing, that’s what people have been citing since the first still pic was posted. The other thing is that everyone keeps calling it a “Sitcom”, largely because of the premise of Bugs and Daffy living in the suburbs together.

        How many “Generic sitcoms” feature the lead characters getting winding up on a chain gang and on the run from the law? Adopting a ravenous beast thinking it’s a dog? Spending the entire last five minutes of an episode with everybody beating the crap out of each other? It’s not like the show revolves around Bugs and Daffy sitting on a couch in a coffee shop bitching about work or the dating situation.

    • Ryoku

      No, even if this was a whole other cartoon with new characters the writing would still be awful.

      That and I’m not big on the idea of hiring a Deviantartist to design a TV shows characters.

  • tonma

    Heck! I love that drawing!!, it makes me believe this was a good idea for a show that could have been great …..if only it was funny….

  • It’s not my bag, baby!

  • Sk8rtoon

    apparently Dan Vs’ panel & signing got relegated to outside on the grass per their facebook. It’d be interesting to see how that pans out. Something to check out, Jerry??

  • Since I’m not sure many people read the Rate and Rewiew Looney Tunes Show comments I feel in the mood to recapitulate.

    The Looney Tunes Show is mediocre but also really, really weird.

    Cause Tiny Toons were great (IMO), Duck Dodgers was good, Loonatics were terrible, Baby Looney Tunes were boring and Sylvester and Tweety Misteries were meh.

    The Looney Tunes Show is usually pretty mediocre, but it also has really good moments.

    So far I actually enjoyed the pilot episode, but the two other ones I would really recommend are Casa de Calma and Devil Dog. And even those are totally different to each other!

    Casa de Calma was more like a John K/Spongebob cartoon of some sort, with a simple premise that leads to wacky and surreal pain gags.

    Devil Dog was similar to the other sitcommy episodes, but the somewhat better writing of the episode and the spectacular animation made it look like a Looney Tunes TV movie that was pretty funny at some parts.

    Then we have the videoclips. I was one of the few people who thought Grilled Cheese was ok. But then, a lot of the subsequent videoclips lacked in gags or the music was horrible. And they are usually well animated but not fantastic…

    …except for Queso Bandito and We’re In Love, those two had catchy songs, not to mention that those are the only moments in the whole series, except for the opening intro, that REALLY showed Jessica Borutski’s designs. Those two videoclips are visually dynamic, perfectly animated and include fun visual gags. I wish the series were like that all the time! Even Lola is funny in the We’re In Love clip and I found her terribly dull in the two episodes she appeared.

    Then we have the Roadrunner shorts. This is the only thing that always keeps the same quality. It’s pretty good for CGI television standards and they are funny. Sadly I still think these characters work much better in traditional animation.

    Tiny Toons also included very different types of animation, but this show takes all sort of directions in its visuals and humor, sometimes even in the same episode.

    I don’t think it’ll become better. Some episodes will be good and others mediocre, but I’ll still watch it for the good parts if it doesn’t get worse.

  • Karmaisgood

    I am sick and tired of fans of this new show constantly bitching about US older generation Looney Tunes fans just because we don’t like the show. It’s not always in the case of, “Just because it’s different from the classics” scenario, okay? (With the exception of this dude on Youtube named PuffyZilliman4 who made a rant about the show and did indeed only dislike it for that purpose. The link to the whine fest is here: but it’s other things like the poor comedic timing and stiff animation, and everything focusing on Bugs and Daffy as damn ROOMMATES and awkward plots/story lines. Seriously, anyone else think it’s weird that you got these talking animals, a martian and a giant red fuzzball monster are walking around in a town, and the regular humans are acting like this is normal. Wow. I’m at a loss of words because of how STUPID that is. Dude, IT’S A GIANT MONSTER AND A MARTIAN FOR GOD’S SAKE! WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO BE ON TO TAKE THAT AS SOMETHING NORMAL, CRYSTAL METH?

    Little girl: “Hey, dad, I saw this tall rabbit and duck walking on the street today on two feet, talking to each other in English!”

    Father: “Have you been in my secret stash of alcohol drinks again?”

    Little girl: “Uh, no.”

    Ugh. That is just unacceptable and ridiculous. I might as well talk about one thing I like: The designs of the characters. These new designs are pretty cool, IMO, but they are not without flaws. Why is Bugs purple and have those giant feet? Why does Daffy look like he got half of his beak chopped off? Why does Sylvester have those visually distracting and unnecessary large canine teeth? Why does Granny have no wrinkles on her face? Isn’t she supposed to be old? Jessica I think has some room for improvement, for sure, before using her work in a TV show. I see she tried to go with a flat, angular style, possibly reminiscent of Genndy Tartakovsky with his shows, but here, it’s obvious that she tries too hard.
    * * * * * * * * *
    Now do you guys see that the reason why don’t like the show isn’t just because it is extremely different from the original? And don’t get me wrong, no matter how many rehashings they do, NOTHING will compare to the classics we all know and love. But here, we don’t like the show simply because the Looney Tunes don’t work in a cookie cutter sitcom-like environment. So stop being so butthurt over it.

    Oh, and don’t even get me STARTED on the new Merrie Melodies segments. I can’t even call the music…

  • OldTimer

    Agreed that the characters are extremely off canon (Emotionally and voicewise), and all they did was paste the faces of the memorable Looney Tunes characters onto overused, gimmicky sitcom stereotypes. What, are Brandt and Cervone DELIBERATLEY trying to rape the good names of these characters? And the fanboys/fangirls need to stop defending this show like there’s no tomorrow. I mean, cut me a break! If we think the show isn’t that good, so be it! Stop shoving it in our faces and bugging us about our opinons and thoughts on the show being negative! It’s what WE think! God, the fanbase of this shitfest of a show that they dare to brand under the Looney Tunes name is like the fanbase of Sonic and Pokémon: They just don’t know when to stop.

    And I might as well talk about the so called new “Merrie Melodies” included too. Elmer Fudd about to hump a sandwich? Yosemite Sam rapping about “Blowing his stack”? (TWSS) The new, sociopath Lola who was basically a sex model in Space Jam singing about being “In love” with Bugs? Sylvester chasing Tweety…with some stupid jazz song overriding the whole thing? (Seriously, the “Yellow Bird” one would’ve been excellent as a modern short, but they had to ruin it by doing this) This isn’t music! This is worse than Justin Beiber’s “Baby” and Rebecca Black’s “Friday” COMBINED! And you may be thinking, “Damn! Then that’s pretty bad!” but sadly, it’s the truth. Dead serious. And the CG Road Runner and Coyote segments are worse. Not saying I dislike CGI animation alltogether, it’s just that here, it’s choppy and really tells you those type of shorts need to be traditionally animated. Ridiculous. Now, I gotta admit, I wasn’t expecting a direct rehash of the classics unlike a lot of people out there, but I was expecting a lot more than this, that’s for sure. Go watch MLP: FiM instead.