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Grindhouse Triple Feature


Quentin Tarantino is curating a two month retrospective of grindhouse movies at the New Beverly Cinema in Hollywood. He’s using his personal collection of 35mm prints to program a 52-film homage to drive-in cinema and downtown exploitation films. Of interest to Brew readers is the Friday-Saturday March 23rd-24th triple bill. That day he’ll be unspooling Ralph Bakshi’s original Coonskin (1975) along with the X-rated animated Tarzan spoof, Shame Of The Jungle (1975) and the live action comedy anthology Tunnel Vision (1976, which has a short animated segment). This festival is tied into Tarantion’s latest feature Grindhouse. The complete schedule of films is posted on the New Beverly’s website.

  • I’d love to be able to go see those flicks, if only for the wow factor. They’re all from way before my time, but I still find them very interesting to watch.

  • When I was alot younger I remember having seen a Coonskin VHS at my local Blockbuster Video store.
    God only knows what happened to it.

  • Oh, man. I usually don’t worry about not being able to attend these events due to living in the middle of nowhere, but I’d really like to go to this. Curses.

  • Ju-osh

    Maybe you like Tarantino’s flicks, maybe you don’t, but you’ve gotta give the fella his due — he revives interest in B,C,D-Movies with the same love and zeal that Scorsese devotes to the studio classics.

  • Too bad the grindhouse genre has been all but killed by the home video revolution. As for the screenings, I’d kill me a truckload of puppies to see Coonskin in 35mm. Damn.