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“Gulliver” wallpaper

I’m never going to let you forget that I’ll be co-hosting an evening (6 hours!) of Classic Animation on Turner Classic Movies on Sunday October 21st. To that end, I just started a dedicated Facebook page with daily updates and related eye-candy for this Earth-shattering animated event. And TCM has created a beautiful piece of Gulliver’s Travel’s wallpaper art, which you can use as desktop background on your various computer screens – and they’ve produced a video podcast featuring me to promote the evening. So spread the word, buy a lot of popcorn and gather your friends – classic cartoons are returning to television, in prime time, and I wouldn’t want you to miss a minute!

  • I love the Fleischers but…Gulliver a classic? Maybe….

    • Kristjan B.

      The original Johnathan Swift´s Novell is a classic, and its on of the best social satire I have ever read. I highly recommend it.

      Beside that any news, that TCM will carry this program internationally?

  • Mac

    TCM feels lonely to watch. They should push it out into a network of dollar theaters, destroy the Hollywood machine with cheapo tickets to heavily marketed reruns of old popularly appealing entertainment films. When Ted Turner himself comes into your green room to wish you luck you be sure to pitch that to him.

  • It’s just an out-of-this-world line up. I’m especially looking forward to watching all of the items that simply aren’t available on dvd.

    I’m curious, and I recognize that you may or may not be at liberty to discuss it, but I’d be interested to understand the process of how these particular films were chosen. Clearly, some are Turner properties. But are all of them? Were there any that you put onto the list yourself?

    Oh, and “Mr. Bug Goes To Town” is listed as a “short” in the schedule when it clearly is not. Probably nothing you can do about it, but I couldn’t let it go unnoticed.

  • Eric Gurwitz

    You know I won’t!

  • Loco the Clown

    My ringer is getting turned off the night of the 21st.

  • Billy Batz

    There’s a Giant on the beach! Theres’s a giant on the beach!
    The sequence where they tie up and transport Gulliver is one of the best scenes in animation history! I grew up watching Gulliver and Hoppity on channel 5 in L.A. thanks to Tom Hatten’s Family Film Festival.


    Will definitely be watching. Jerry. Bought GULLIVERS TRAVELS a few years ago on Koch home video. Looks OK, but I know it’ll look great on TCM. I also hope that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship between you and TCM. Hint, hint – future shows. Everyone, get behind this telecast and support this program. The higher the ratings, the better!

  • My, my…

  • Anthony

    A shame this won’t be shown in Australia (despite having a TCM channel). I would love to be able to watch this even via the internet or via a ‘taped’ file.