Happy New Year Happy New Year

Happy New Year

  • Happy New Year to the both of you. :D

  • Yay! Three from 1960, the year I was born.

  • Carlo Guillot


  • Ben

    Finally Cartoon Brew puts up something truly inspiring on its blog! After months and months of things like Yogi Bear talkback, Mega Mind and Shrek for your consideration ads, the poorly drawn Sunday (Un) Funnies, promoting independent films with flash animation, Rango, Mo Cap Tin Tin and that horrible drawing of Bugs Bunny getting Stoned we FINALLY get something well designed and executed!

    PLEASE continue this trend. Animation fans come here to see the GOOD stuff, not to have our eyes gouged out of our sockets!!!!!

  • Blasko

    Happy “Brew” Year to all of you! Looking forward to another year of discussing animation with you all.

  • Happy New year! I hope that 2011 is full with success and lots of inspiring cartoons.

    Happy 2011 Brewmasters and fellow readers!

  • Randy Koger

    Man, those were fun! Great clips.

    People really had class back then. I miss that.

  • Thanks for posting guys! I could watch those things all night! Theatres used to buy these short holiday trailers to add to the end of their prevue reel at the appropriate time of the year. Along with the cartoons, newsreels, short subjects and prevues it was one of the things that made going to the movies so enjoyable in the good old days! Oh yeah we had double features too!

  • anon

    Maybe we should have a Cartoon Brew Forum (there isn’t already one that is mentioned on this site is there?) and link it to this blog.

  • uncle wayne

    Continue the Sunday Funnies!!