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Help the Hodges Charity Auction

Help the Hodges

The son of animation artist Tim Hodge (Mulan, Brother Bear, VeggieTales) was in an auto accident last August. The situation is difficult for the Hodge family, whose son remains in a coma today. Tim explained on his blog:

As you may not realize, our short term insurance expired in September. The rest of the family could renew, but Matt became a pre-existing condition. So Matt’s healthcare since that time has all been out of pocket. Vanderbilt Hospital was gracious to us and forgave our six figure debt to them. But Matt’s ongoing care and future rehabilitation is still in the balance.

The help the family, the comics and animation community is rallying together to stage a massive eBay art auction beginning January 21st. The website has images and details about the donated artwork. It is an impressive collection that includes a diverse group of artists including Drew Struzan, Charles Schulz, Nick Park, Frank Thomas, Craig McCracken, and Nico Marlet (above). The list of artwork is growing by the day, and it all goes to a worthy cause so participation is encouraged. Should you wish to simply help the family without participating in the auction, the Hodges’ website also has details on how to make a fully tax-deductible donation to the family.

  • healthy european

    you could buy art at the auction. and you could direct your energy towards your own government: you guys need universal health care. right now.

  • Steve Gattuso

    I donated a bit at the CTN Expo last November. And yes, we really need UHC.

  • Tony Bancroft

    Thanks Amid, for mentioning the auction to help the Hodges. I know the Hodge family very well and they are the best, most caring and hard working people you could know. I remember Tim bringing his son into the studio at Disney Florida (we were working on Mulan) when he was just a toddler so to think that something so tragic could happen is almost unbearable to me. Thank you to all of the animation, comic book, childern’s book and comic strip pros who have donated such wonderful art to sell. And to those who will be bidding on Ebay, all winning bids will be tax-deductable too! I hope that we all have a wonderful New Year.

  • The CTN Animation Expo was happy to “Help the Hodges” by donating a booth at the expo this year and we wish all the best for the family and here’s to the best year of our lives in 2010. ~Tina Price

  • Nancy Beiman

    I am happy to help a brother artist in a crisis.