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How To Train Your Dragon artists speak

Production artist Nicolas Marlet will be among those taking part in an artist panel at Alhambra’s Gallery Nucleus on Sunday March 28th, talking about and showing some of their work from Dreamworks’ How to Train Your Dragon. Other artists in attendance will be: Alessandro Carloni (Head of Story), Pierre Olivier Vincent (Art Director) and Simon Otto (Head of Animation).

This event is free and its highly recommended you arrive early – seating is limited. The panel will begin at 3pm. For more information please check the Gallery Nucleus website.

  • whoa, is that concept art from the pre-production phase? I wanna see a movie that look like THAT!!!

  • DianeM

    Looking forward to it & hoping Chris Sanders, Dean DeBlois and maybe even Jenny Lerew are added as panelists. If it’s halfway as entertaining as the gallery’s ‘The Princess and the Frog’ event last year it should be quite memorable.

  • NC

    I hear Nicolas Marlet is pretty shy so I’m not expecting him to say much. Then again all of his talking is in his art.

  • I saw a preview of “How To Train Your Dragon” just this morning. It’s a great thrill ride chock-full of eye candy. Anyone hankering for imaginative set-pieces, creature designs, lighting effects, and goofy human characters will not be disappointed. I won’t say more than that, but suffice it to say that this film (on the heels of Kung Fu Panda) cements Dreamworks’ position as Hollywood’s leader in visual spectacle. I really think the creative team on “The Hobbit” have their work cut out for them topping this one.

    BTW, Nico Marlet’s wonderfully sketchy drawings appear at least once in the film itself. And be sure to stay for the end titles!

  • Sylvain

    I picked up the HTTYD art book today, and it’s absolutely beautiful. I’d say it’s as rich and interesting as the KFP art book.

  • humming

    Chuck – that is true. Dragon looks to be one of their hits among their hits-and-misses. Considering it’s headed by a direct who embraces the art and story, it’s a given pretty much.

  • messy

    Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois are geniuses. I saw the film this morning and it was terrific. the graphics were great, and it worked AS A MOVIE.

  • George

    Just a heads up, if you can’t attend the panel (like me) but would still like a copy of the Art Of book signed by all the panel attendees, Nucleus has a pre-order option for signed copies through their website:

  • Seen the movie and the dragon design and the flight scenes were fantastic! Also love the banner and shield designs.

  • Kyle Maloney

    I wasn’t planning on seeing this movie until I remembered a couple weeks back that Chris Sanders was involved. Now I’m seeing this for sure. I’m still luke warm on the trailers, but I can see Chris’s influence on the characters designs. Toothless basically looks like Stitch if he were a dragon.

  • Klay

    Will Production Designer Kathy Altieri be there? I mean, she’s done an INCREDIBLE job.

  • “Looking forward to it & hoping Chris Sanders, Dean DeBlois and maybe even Jenny Lerew are added as panelists.

    Say what? Good grief. That must be a gag.

    I only wish I rated the compliment but alas, I didn’t contribute to Dragon enough to warrant inclusion on a panel. There are many brilliant story artists at Dreamworks who did. Nucleus puts on great shows and panels and this will definitely be one of them.

  • DianeM

    Your modesty is as immense as your talent. It would be great if you and your story colleagues could be there to further illuminate this art of event. Thanks!

  • Jenny Lerew

    Not modesty at all. In the interests of being clear: I didn’t work on Dragons during Chris Sanders’, Dean’s and Alessandro’s final version of the film.

  • For those who don’t live in Cali, could someone video record this and put it on Youtube?

    Thanks :)

  • Karim

    Sounds like this one will eventually be the first DW I’ll give a serious try.

  • Ethan

    If you didn’t like first trailer, make sure you see the latest. My expectations improved a lot when I saw that one.

  • Can’t wait!-Mostly excited to watch my daughter’s reaction-she loves cat’s a dragons…So, this one should blow her mind! The art of book is awesome!! The author’s introduction made me really want to see it. Dreamworks is really coming into it’s own. Great work!

  • Maggie Evans

    Thoroughly enjoyed the film – I took my 38 year old husband to the IMAX in London as his birthday treat!

    And as for the end credits – those dragon sketches are absolutely beautiful. Could I get one? It’s the sort of art that would make me smile to see every day. Who did it please? Is it Nicolas Marlet?