Humor Panel At Ottawa Animation Festival Humor Panel At Ottawa Animation Festival

Humor Panel At Ottawa Animation Festival

I’m moderating a panel at the Ottawa International Animation Festival this weekend. It’s called “Animation Makes Me Laugh: Ha!” and it’s all about what’s funny and what isn’t in animation. There’s no sure-fire formula to funny so I can’t guarantee we’ll unlock any secret keys to humor, but I can guarantee you’ll get to hear from four funny and talented filmmakers: Nick Cross, Will Krause, Fran Krause and Superjail creator Christy Karacas. The panel takes place Sunday, September 21, at 3pm in the National Gallery (Lecture Hall). Drop by and say hello.

  • This sounds really interesting. Any chance audio or even video will be posted from this event?

  • Any chance we could get somebody to film it? Might make a good CBTV clip *nudge nudge*

  • I agree with Chris. I mean, there’s a lot of unfunny animation out there, so having a clip on your website of the panel could be a good way to counter-act the lameness.

    Then again, if everyone aspired to be truly funny, it might spoil it.

  • Andrew

    Knowing your long-standing hatred for Family Guy, I can tell what isn’t funny in animation.

  • Oh wow. I really wish I could be there- that is truly an all-star selection of filmmakers!!

    I’m a HUGE fan of all of them- their films were big hits at previous Animation Attack events!

    Go Fran and Will! Go Christy! Go Nick! Go Amid!

    You guys rock :)

    A recording would of course be much appreciated, as others mentioned ;)

  • Phil Crow

    HAHA, all this was is a discussion on what people like in comedy, satire, parody, original stuff, still had some good times to it.