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Iron Giant on the Bigscreen

Iron GiantThe Iron Giant on the bigscreen for two days next month–June 7 and 8. The screenings will take place at the Cerrito Speakeasy Theater. Be forewarned though: the screening is a part of the San Francisco Chronicle‘s “The Poop Presents” children’s film series so there’ll likely be a lot of noisy and sticky children in the theater. More details at the Chronicle website.

  • It’s like they have a screening here every year! There was one last year at the MOMA.

  • Dave

    “so there’ll likely be a lot of noisy and sticky children in the theater.”

    And this is different how from the noisy, sticky ,cell-phone-wielding , loud-talking adults who ruin most of my movie-watching experiences these days ?

    Suffer the little children , A-man. My experience is the kids dig the Iron Giant and watch with rapt attention.

  • EatRune

    Wow, I remember when I saw this movie in theaters during its ORIGINAL release . . .

    Too bad I’m not in the area.

  • John Tebbel

    “sticky and noisy” is what you get folks, for makin’ whoopee. So cut that out!

  • Brad Constantine

    from the Urban Dictionary..

    “Cinemuck ” 858 up, 118 down

    The combination of popcorn, soda, and melted chocolate which covers the floors of movie theaters.
    Dude, are you sure you wanna wear those shoes to the theater? You know what Cinemuck will do to your shoes…

    You gotta see it with kids…especially when the squirrel goes up the pants in the restaurant…heheh..

  • Bobby D.

    Yeah, we don’t wanna be around any of those pesky kids at the screening of an animated film. Wow…you know I’m sure there’s a poetry reading somewhere in the bay area at the same time…maybe that would be the better bet, Amid.

  • Hans W.

    Still, a great film to see on the big screen!! I discovered the film on video and DVD, but I’d love to see it in a cinema. Unfortunately (living in the Netherlands) it’s impossible for me to see these viewings, but who knows….? I know this Brad Bird film has a huge following. It’s by far one of the best 2D films made in the past decade!

  • Chuck R.

    Let’s face it, we animation geeks have seen some of these gems half a gazillion times. As rich as they are, after the 23rd viewing, a law of diminishing returns sets in. Watching a classic with a kid who is seeing it for the first time is the only way to get some of that “wide-eyed wonder” back.