impossibles impossibles

Iwao Takamoto exhibit at Van Eaton

The Van Eaton Gallery is holding a special event on Saturday March 14th, a tribute to Iwao Takamoto. The exhibit not only showcases original character designs and artwork (non-Animation and Animation) by Takamoto, but other work found in his estate, including pieces by Alex Toth (original Model Sheets), Ray Aragon (Last Of The Curlews) and Floro Dery (The Last Halloween).

The event will also serve as a publication party for the new biography, Iwao Takamoto My Life with a Thousand Characters, copies of the book be on hand and will be signed by the author (Michael Mallory), as well as Willie Ito and Barbara Takamoto. You can check out the exhibit’s artwork online and pre-order books beginning March 5, 2009. The event is open to the public, March 14th from 5pm to 9pm, however you must RSVP because space is limited. The gallery is located at 13613 Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks, California. The RSVP number is (818) 788-2357. For more information contact the Van Eaton Galleries.

  • Tom

    Ha! The Incredibles! Here comes the lawsuit.

  • Karl Wilcox

    When the TV show aired, the title was FRANKENSTEIN JR. & THE
    IMPOSSIBLES. Was “The Incredibles” a working title for the band?

  • Christopher Cook

    Interesting concept drawing of the Impossibles with the name “The Incredibles.” Does that mean Disney can sue Hanna-Barbera for (to quote Chuck Jones) retroactive plagiarism?

  • Steve K.

    Yeah, it was “The Impossibles” when it aired. I’m with Karl. Was it a working title?

  • Killroy McFate

    Wow! Right down to the gold and black color scheme.
    Brad Bird: Visionary Genius or Time-Traveling Idea Stealer?

  • Nic Kramer

    What’s with all the Pixar bashing all of the sudden?

  • David

    Joe Barbera’s “The Blackstones” presentation (A “Flintstones” series in blackface) never sold either, and Iwao drew it, too. Maybe it’s in the book.

  • Tom

    Nic, I don’t think anyone is bashing anything here. We’re just having fun.

    I love them both to peeeces.