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JANUARY 19 IN NYC: Lisa T Retrospective

Lasse Persson

On Wednesday, January 19th, check out “Crossing The Line: Animation Show & Tell”, a retrospective of the works of gender-bending Swedish animator Lisa T. Afterward, Lisa (aka Lasse Persson) will be interviewed by New York filmmaker Signe Baumane. Lisa and Signe will talk about animation, transvestism and closely examine the inspiration behind each one of Lisa’s films. It’s a virtual guarantee that any event with Signe will be entertaining, and I can’t imagine this will be any different. The fun begins at 7pm at the Gershwin Hotel (7 E. 27th St. at 5th Ave, New York). Screening is FREE!

Below is one of Lisa T’s films from 2004 called Bikini:

  • terrific, playful and silly! I wish my films were more like this!

  • joe march

    It kinda reminded me of Gene Detich a bit.

  • This is terrific stuff!!!
    What a wonderful collection of walks and dances.

  • lola

    Funny and intensely appealing. I love the designs of the beach boys xD

  • Sat

    There’s some pretty animation in this short, and it’s funny! Amazing.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I just reminded myself of “Honey Bunny” just now, that was really funny!–MZdqHw

  • David Breneman

    An Ericopfon! Can’t get much more Swedish than that.