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January Cartoon Dump in L.A. and San Fran

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! This be the official plug for the Jan 27th Cartoon Dump show at the Steve Allen Theatre in Hollywood. In addition to hosts Compost Brite and Moodsey, the Clinically Depressed Owl, the show will also feature the return of Buff Badger — and guest comedians Laura Kightlinger and Jay London! Reserve tickets here. Join us next Tuesday at 8pm.

Extra! Cartoon Dump is also coming to San Francisco on Saturday January 31st. Our acclaimed cartoon/live-comedy show will be part of the San Francisco Sketchfest – with guest comedians Andy Kindler and Mary Lynn Rajskub (“24”) – at the Eureka Theatre, 8pm. Tickets available now!

  • Jay Pennington

    Hey, Mike Kazaleh art! Cool.

  • George

    Hey Jerry,

    Bought tickets for the SF show the moment you mentioned it was coming around a few weeks back. We’re super excited that Cartoon Dump is coming to our neck of the woods, can’t wait!

  • So why are the San Fran tickets twice as much? I wouldn’t mind dropping a twenty for my girlfriend and myself, but 40 clams a pair?

  • Carl – The L.A. show is in a traditional comedy club. The San Francisco show is part of a larger Comedy Festival (The SF Sketchfest).

  • Nice to see that Mary Lynn Rajskub is still sticking with her comedy roots even after all that success with 24. I remember seeing her in Kelsey Grammar’s Sketch Show a few years ago.