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Japan Media Arts Festival


The Japan Media Arts Festival has announced the winners of it’s 10th annual competition and have set up a very nice website offering video of the honored films. Check out the diversity of animation techniques — particularly Alexander Petrov’s moving painting, My Love; the fun designs of Bloomed Words; and whatever-the-technique of Lightning Doodle Project’s Pika Pika.

If you happen to be in Japan between February 24th anad March 3rd, check out the free exhibits, panels and screenings at the Tokyo Metropolitan Photography Museum.

  • mark

    if only american animation had this much imagination, think how much better our culture would be. all the films i watched were great.

  • Stefan

    Oh great, ANOTHER reason to envy Japan! Seriously though, amazing stuff you linked there, I’d heard of Petrov’s technique before in regards to his “Old Man and The Sea” short but to see it in motion is breathtaking. I really hope they sell the full short (26 minutes, ooooo!) on DVD at some point, I can’t wait to see the rest of it.

    In regards to the “Pika Pika” short, basically what they’re doing is drawing stuff with sparklers in the air and taking really long still-image exposures. Like all animation though it sounds a lot easier than it is, I was particularly impressed with how fluid the images they drew in the air are animated (there’s even a bounce and squish ball!) The INXS video for “New Sensation” uses the same technique (combined with pixilation of the band members lip-syncing) but it’s more of an effect, they don’t take into the realm Pika Pika does with sustained shapes/symbols being animated. Either way here’s a link to it on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXws4yClyng

    Thanks again for the post, CartoonBrew rocks!

  • Esn

    Here’s a better-quality version of the “My Love” trailer, straight from Ghibli’s website:

    And here’s another trailer which actually has ENGLISH subtitles:

    Petrov, in my opinion, is one of the greatest animation artists living today.