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“Jazz In Animation” at Sacramento’s Crocker Art Museum

How are you spending your holiday weekend? Me, I’ll be screening a program of Jazz Cartoons at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento California on Monday, May 30th. The program will run twice, first at 12 noon and again at 2pm. Jazz musician and author Joe Gilman will join me on stage to briefly discuss the cultural aspects of several classic cartoons and clips. Admission to this event is free. Hope to meet a few Brew readers there. For more information, visit the Crocker Museum website.

  • Chuck Howell

    Jerry, you wrote the book, so why isn’t THE THREE LITTLE BOPS on the list of 50 Greatest Cartoons? It’s always been my “Favorite Friz.” Was it a near miss, perhaps?

    • The cartoons listed in my book THE 50 GREATEST CARTOONS (1995) were compiled from a consensus of over 1000 animators, historians, educators, and critics.

      However, THE THREE LITTLE BOPS was included in my recent book, THE 100 GREATEST LOONEY TUNES CARTOONS (2010). You should pick up a copy of that book!

  • Ignatz the Brick Pitcher

    This event would justify vacationing in Sacramento this holiday weekend. LOL Great program theme, Jerry. I hope you present the same program at Cinefamily this year, assuming you haven’t already. Thanks.

  • Pedro Nakama

    I love the Three Little Bops. Classic Stan Freeberg and classic Warner animation.

  • Mariana

    My favourite topic in animation. Hope next time you’ll be able to host the show in Brazil. :/

  • Manny

    Oh Man! Cool! That is Dope! :D

  • I attended the even (12 noon) and enjoyed it Jerry, thank you! I do wish the tech people who run the A/V equipment would get educated on aspect ratio though. The older material (TV segments and pre-1954 theatrical cartoons) should have been in the 1:37 ratio instead of 16:9 and the two segments from the features “Princess and the Frog” and “Fantasia 2000” should have been at 16:9 instead of the 2:35:1 (Scope) ration. I would guess the DVD player (possibly the video projector) was set wrong. Aspect ratio can be a confusing concept for the lay person but A/V professionals should be a little more knowledgable I think. No big deal, the stretching didn’t do significant damage but as an old time projectionist I’m a bit of a purist, maybe even a bit anal, about proper aspect ratio. Anyway good show and nice to see you up here in Northern California. Isn’t our newly expanded Crocker Art Museum a gem?