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Jerry Beck in Person!


“Here we come, walking down the street, get the funniest looks from, everyone we meet…”

Hey, Hey.. I may be comin’ to your town in the next few weeks. Here’s a list of public appearances I’ll be making soon, just so you can mark your calenders (and spread the word):

•Wednesday August 22nd Radio appearance: on Internet radio, Stu’s Show – two hours of classic cartoon talk and your phone calls. 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific (And don’t miss Stu’s broadcast all this week in the same time slot, with animation writer Earl Kress and Yakky Doodle voice actor Jimmy Weldon).

•Tuesday August 28th Cartoon Dump – I’ll be hosting another live performance of our popular podcast at the Steve Allen Theatre in Hollywood. Surprise guests are planned (to be announced as we get closer)!

•Monday September 17th Worst Cartoons Ever! – a special screening for ASIFA-East at NYU (room to be announced). I hope all my New York friends will drop by. I’ll be en route to the Ottawa Animation Festival later that week.

• Thursday November 8th Worst Cartoons Ever! – a special screening at the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus Ohio. Meet me at this rare visit to Columbus.

I’ll post more information about these events as we get closer to each date. I always love meeting our readers and I hope to see you there.

  • Nice meeting you in person yesterday Jerry!

    Hope you enjoyed your visit at JibJab!

  • The NY “Worst Cartoons” show…will it be the same one from SDCC, or will it be all new? Or at least partially new?

  • uncle wayne

    which one are you?

  • Steve – The NY show will be a special “Best Of” (or perhaps “Worst Of”) compilation.

    Uncle Wayne – I’m the one the left, with the “chin butt”.

  • Speaking of “chin butt”, that Popeye is slightly incorrect. Both the Segar comic strip and the Fleischer model sheets made it crystal clear that Popeye had no teeth – the model sheets instructed that only gums were to be shown, and indeed in the cartoons those are colored grey. Except for the Color Specials, of course, in which they are red…

  • Nic Kramer

    Glad you’re coming to Columbus, Jerry. That’s my hometown! Will you be able to sign autographs on any of your books?

  • Nic – I would be happy to sign any of my books. Hope to see you there!

  • Stephen DeStefano

    Regarding Popeye’s teeth, or lack thereof: Michael is right, technically. Popeye is supposed to be a toothless old salt, as originally created. I point this out to the art department at King Features, often. Today, he generally is given teeth, or at least white gums, because King finds many of their licensing clients to be creeped out by a toothless character. Let’s not forget, though, that he did receive a pair of pearly white choppers, sometime in the forties. Me? I enjoy his grey gums.
    Jerry, looking forward to seeing you at your NY event.

  • The pearly whites were a gift from Famous Studios, and even though they are technically incorrect, I did enjoy their effect in “Cartoons Ain’t Human” when Popeye seized inspiration from a burlesque poster for his home-made cartoon.

    Bluto, of course, has had a mouth full of teeth his entire career. (Why doesn’t HE show up for these appearances?)

  • When I first glanced at the title of this entry I thought it said, “Jerry Beck in Prison.”

  • I hope you will be coming to Vancouver (I highly doubt it, but who knows, right?)

  • Hi Jerry, I’ll be there–I will wear my vintage Oswald mask so you’ll know it’s me!