Jerry on Stu’s Show Today Jerry on Stu’s Show Today

Jerry on Stu’s Show Today


Brewmaster Jerry Beck will be broadcasting once again, live on Shokus Internet Radio today, Wednesday December 19th from 4pm to 6pm Pacific time (that’s 7pm to 9pm for you in the Eastern Time Zone).

Stu Shostak and I will be discussing Terrytoons and all other classic animation. If you have a specific question you want answered, call in during the broadcast toll free (888) 746-5875. If you miss the show, it’ll be rerun for the next seven days at the same time. Tune in!

  • Nicole

    I listen to Stu’s show for the animation guests (so maybe once every month or so).

    Does anyone else find his show extremely frustrating? I credit Stu for all the fine guests he gets on his show – but 75% of the program makes me cringe.

    His show has no structure. He interrupts his guests (often with opinions or misinformation… or by changing a subject too soon… or by coughing). He takes calls without screening them (again, often interrupting a good story by a guest).

    And I understand this is “TV on the Radio for Baby Boomers” – but not everyone fits this demographic. Couldn’t we get the show in a podcast format (or at the very least, streamed off his website)? I’ve made this request – and he says there are some copyright issues with his music. I think he’s losing a big audience by limiting his distribution. (And I realize he’ll sell you a CD of a show- but $15 is kind of steep).

    I’m not trying to be cruel. Stu seems like a great guy – but perhaps a little constructive criticism could help his program. (Or maybe Cartoon Brew could start their own podcast of cartoon history, interviews, etc.!)

  • If this is Internet radio, I don’t understand why you guys don’t just record these episodes and put them up as podcasts. Then again, I went to Stu’s website and it’s straight out of 1995.

  • Earl

    As a frequent guest on Stu’s Show, I agree with some of the criticisms. Stu believes that the listeners calling in makes the show more lively and is an important element. I feel that it sometimes breaks the flow of an intertesting discussion. But it’s his show and he likes the interaction.

    It is a huge problem that the show isn’t available as a podcast. Appointment radio is practically non-existant in this day and age and appointment internet radio is even less of a draw. But the distribution network he is on, Live 365, pays music royalties that are due the artists and therefore, the shows cannot be available for broadcast in any other form. Stu is aware that this limits his audience and he is working on a possible solution, but for now, tuning in when the show is on is the only way to hear it (other than purchasing the CD’s after the fact).

  • I’ve been plugging your appearance for over a week now, Jerry.
    I think Stu’s Show is terrific, most shows of this nature, the host isn’t as passionate and knowledgable as Stu is. Stu is an entertainer, so it’s his schtick to be himself, a frantic, multi-tasking, entrepeneur, that you wish would slow down, just so you can catch all he says.
    I’m not crazy about the cd price per one show, maybe a Jerry’s Greatest Hits with the best parts of all his appearances, for that price- Many of his guests have made several visits, too- so perhaps the same format of their greatest “hits” would work well. Have a Good Show, JB!

  • Tonight, Jerry, here’s a few things you could mention.

    I saw the synopsis and you’ll be mentioning the new Hanna-Barbera book.

    You should also mention about “Not Just Cartoons: Nicktoons”.

    For Golden Age topics, (specifically if you’re talkin’ Terrytoons)- why PD tapes only have basically only two color Terrytoons: Heckle and Jeckle’s debut and Mighty Mouse in Wolf: Wolf.
    Another Terrytoons topic (save it for the closing of the Terrytoons topic) you should mention is Viacom’s last licenses of the Terrytoons (from what I’ve seen), from those show VHS, to that unaired show with Heckle and Jeckle called “Curbside”, and lastly, the American Dairy Association’s
    “Ahh, the Power of Cheese” commerical with Mighty Mouse.

  • It was a good show. very cool that Paul Dini called up, too.