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Jerry’s Schedule

I’ve got a busy month ahead, and if you’re in the Los Angeles area you can share it with me:

dumpblue1.jpg• Tuesday May 27th: Join Frank Conniff (TV’s Frank), Erica Doering and me – along with guest comedian Jimmy Pardo – at the Steve Allen Theatre in Hollywood for another hilarious live action and animation performance of Cartoon Dump. The show starts at 8pm. Advance tickets sold here.

bealogo.jpg• Saturday May 31st: I’ll be signing copies of The Hanna Barbera Treasury at Book Expo America, at the Los Angeles Convention Center – in the author’s autograph area – at 4pm to 5pm.

panda70.jpg• Tuesday June 3rd: I’ll be doing a Q&A with directors Mark Osborne and John Stevenson at an Asifa-Hollywood members screening of Kung Fu Panda. We’ll be screening the film in Imax at Universal CityWalk. If you are a member of Asifa Hollywood you will recieve the details via email and snail mail. If you live in the L.A. and aren’t a member of Asifa, you should be. We do free screenings like this all year long.

stu45.jpg• Wednesday June 4th: Listen to me discuss classic cartoons with Stu Shostack on internet radio, Stu’s Show. We’ll be taking your phone calls as well. The program airs live 7pm to 9pm Eastern/4pm to 6pm Pacific.

janet55.jpg• Thursday June 5th: I’ll be doing my regular monthly thing of showing 16mm film prints of vintage musical cartoons with Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys. Show starts at 8pm at the Steve Allen Theatre in Hollywood. Make your reservation here!

betty50.jpg• Tuesday June 10th: I’ve joined the Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax Ave. I’ll be doing a program of Pre-Code Cartoons at 8pm and will precede the screening with a short speech on the topic. Should be fun!

And there’s more! To be continued…

  • I wish i could be there.

  • Kevin Wollenweber

    Well I, for one, am sorry to miss the pre-Code cartoon festival (I live on the East Coast). I don’t think that these toons get enough of a break, beyond the few well-researched PD collections issued by, say, Thunderbean Animation (and theirs are usually the best prints around of cartoons that are widely available). I’d love to see some neutral company issue, from all studios, a collection of pre-Code cartoons with mini-seminars by Jerry Beck and pals, so we all have the proper perspective on these cartoons. BOSKO is as much fun as BETTY BOOP, FLIP THE FROG and WILLY WHOPPER and, most notably, these cartoons often have stunning jazzy soundtracks. In particular, I’m thinking of the great jazz packed Ub Iwerks cartoon, The Cave Man, although politically incorrect in spots, in which pathological liar Willie goes back to what he claims to be the Stone Age or some such prehistoric times.

    At any rate, the biggest joy of having these cartoons on dvd would be if our favorite animation historians were on hand to bring them alive and put them in context with their comments. There truly IS a nice array of cartoons from the pre-Code period that deserve to be revived and reconsidered – and are precursors, in fact, to some of the animated humor around today. Animators of the current golden age are paying attention, so why can’t we, the general audience?

    Maybe some of these goodies can also be included on the next FORBIDDEN HOLLYWOOD dvd collection or better yet, perhaps a FORBIDDEN HOLLYWOOD collection can be devised around classic cartoons of the pre-code period.

  • You’ve got a pretty full slate there, Jerry. Make sure you schedule some sleep in there somewhere!

  • Does the Betty Boop cartoons have the orginial Paramount titles on them?

    Because it would be illogical to see a UM&M print (even if it’s 35mm), at a movie theater. Why? Obviously: UM&M TV Corp.

  • Paul N

    Dammit! The day before I get to L.A., and the day after I leave… >:0(

  • Steve Gattuso

    Jerry, do you know if Dreamworks is going to cover the parking cost? Or are we going to get fisted by Citywalk again like the last time?

  • JHJ

    Interesting that the Brew would trash the “films Dreamworks Animation produces” then would moderate a Q&A for “Kung Fu Panda.” Weird.

  • Steve Gatuso – I’ve been told that all Asifa members who RSVP will get a parking pass by email. I’ve personally received mine.

    JHJ – The Brew is written by two different people. I have seen Kung Fu Panda (unlike most who are trashing the film) and I personally think it’s a great movie. I hope it makes a fortune.