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July 22 in LA: Brent Green Performance

Brent Green

Next Tuesday, July 22, indie filmmaker Brent Green is performing a FREE show of his animated shorts at the Hammer Museum in Westwood. I say “performing” because his mixed-media and stop-motion animated shorts are combined with live musical performance by Green and his backup band. I saw a show by Green last year and it’s an incredible experience that marries music and animation in ways that I hadn’t previously thought possible. Some of his films can be viewed online but the full effect really shines through during the live performance.

More details about the show are at the Hammer website:

Expect a full body experience including live music, short films, and improvised narration–an evening spent on the verge of collapse with wobbly guitar, musical saw, banjo, fiddles, trumpets, accordion, drums and adamantly hand-made animations. Watch Brent Green’s films (Susa’s Red Ears, Hadacol Christmas, Paulina Hollers, Abe Lincoln, Carlin, Louisville/Gravity, and Walt Whitman’s Brain) accompanied by Brendan Canty of Fugazi, Jim Becker of Califone, Alan Scalpone of the Bitter Tears, Rodney McLaughlin, and Brent Green himself.

  • Danny Wilson

    Brent should use partitioned seating stalls, in case multiple development execs attend, so each will think he’s doing his ‘pitch’ just for them! He’ll sell twelve shows at once, whether he wants to or not.

  • John

    Brent’s work is cool but about as far away from mainstream and “audience friendly” as you can get. I’ve seen many of his shorts and enjoyed them, but I’m still not entirely sure what any of them were about :-)