JULY 2nd in LA: David O’Reilly Animation Shows JULY 2nd in LA: David O’Reilly Animation Shows

JULY 2nd in LA: David O’Reilly Animation Shows

Independent animator David O’Reilly (The External World) is hosting two animation programs next Saturday (7/2) at the Cinefamily theater in Los Angeles. Both are extremely intriguing and well worthwhile for our more adventurous readers.

1) Found Animation @2pm

From the deepest, most corrupt corners of David O’Reilly’s hard drive comes a collection of lost animated wonders, forgotten by time and YouTube, destined to break hearts, minds and sense of common decency. David says: “There will be work I found from now-defunct private torrent sites, old video tapes, friends & places I cant remember, gorgeous 3-D tentacle porn, footage of bizarre video games, and work by surrealist animation genius Charley Bowers (who was forgotten in his own lifetime and died in poverty). If you love Pixar, you will hate this!”

In other words, he’ll be running stuff like this:

2) The Agency @11:59pm (aka Midnight Show)

The world premiere of The Agency, which O’Reilly co-wrote with Vernon Chatman (creator of Wonder Showzen). He’s claiming it’s the world record for fastest created feature length animation – from conception to completion in one week.

It’s official: one of the most twisted new animated works we’ve seen in a very long time is also a new record holder. The film very, very loosely follows several office-bound characters as they plot their upwardly-climbing corporate destinies, continuously insult each other with non-stop vicious flair, and morph their reality with that of a duo of cute panda bear-looking creatures for whom the office dimension is just a dream…? This baffling slice of cough syrup-like comedy dementia was created entirely with “Xtranormal”, an online service that lets users make their own CGI mini-movies through a limited library of characters, sets and music, and with awkward text-to-speech synthesis – serving to produce a sublimely blobby experience that’ll sautée your cerebellum with love!

He made it with Xtranormal– an online service that lets users make their own CGI mini-movies through a limited library of characters, sets and music, and with awkward text-to-speech synthesis –and basically has them streaming dialogue of insanity, profanity, and other craziness.

This excerpt NSFW:

These programs are part of CineFamily’s 2nd annual Everything Is Festival, a festival of odds, ends and found footage. For more information, visit the Cinefamily website.

  • Vzk

    Can The Agency qualify for an Academy Award?

  • E. L. Kelly

    Can SREBRENICA qualify for an Academy Award?(!?!?)

  • Mark Sheldon

    Ok. Kill me, but I did laugh. HARD.

  • 2011 Adult

    Made entirely with XtraNormal?

    Don’t let Amid see this!

  • I love David and Vernon, but I will avoid this thing, just to be able to protest against that shit terrible animation software

  • Why hasn’t anyone done the obvious thing with this software and do “The Adventures of Stephen Hawking” show?

  • Thank you for showing that and especially for only including a 2 minute clip.

  • I always enjoy David O’Reilly’s work. He has such an interesting vision.

  • The Agency clip held my interest and it made me laugh a lot.
    Thus, it is better than CARS or BAMBI.

  • This seems as interesting as a period but without the blood. If you know what I mean.

  • John L.

    please enlighten me oh mighty internet, why is this good?

    Maybe I m to old maybe I m dumb but the only thing I see is that these pieces (especially the 2nd one) are trying reaaaaaaaly hard to be shocking or wired.
    The humor only feeds of that as well and is pretty on the nose too. The animation is bad, the storytelling isn’t great etc etc. And yes the 2nd clip uses the medium to make fun of the medium itself, the advertising industry ans so forth and it was done in 7 days but it’s stll crap.

    so please somebody explain.

  • Randy

    The woman narrating the one with the baby and the tornado…..the most ANNOYING voice in the history of videos.

  • Mr. James

    Ok, I did laugh, but only at this point:

    “Heil Hitler?”

  • I loved the narration of Srebrenica, does anyone know more about it? Is there supposed to be some sort of allegory to the Srebrenica massacre? I was laughing out loud at her bad hair day after she ate too many spiders.