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Leslie Cabarga’s Garage Sale

Animation historian, artist, logo designer, friend and colleague Leslie Cabarga is having a yard sale on ebay – and there are some amazing things here of historical importance. Many of his auctions end this Sunday night and others are Buy It Now. Check out Leslie’s ebay store page here. He’ll be putting up lots more next week too, so check back. Rare Hollywood photos, Paramount model sheets, Fleischer animation art, Terrytoons backgrounds, Disney stills, Harvey Comics original art, and more!

  • Dig that Betty flipbook. I didn’t realize before that Bimbo actually BECAME Pudgy, but here we see the halfway point. It must have been a truly excruciating lobotomy.

  • Drooling over those silk-screened cardboard film posters for San Francisco and Oakland theaters once displayed in buses of the 1930s. The Fox is long gone, the St. Francis is boarded up, but the Paramount is still a deco palace, mostly used for live events. Of course, drool don’t pay the rent.

  • A correction to the above post. The Paramount posters were probably for the long-gone cinema in SF, not still extant Paramount in Oakland.

  • Me again. Blast you, Mr. Beck! I ended up buying four cartoon backgrounds of which I would be blissfully unaware if I’d never read this post! Actually, I’m very excited to receive these, never having owned any original animation artwork before. Now I’m trying to identify the cartoons. I invite anyone reading this to view my post with the images to see if they can help. Please go to:


  • Too close to Christmas to want to be buying things for myself, but those Little Audrey pages by Steve Muffatti look tempting!

  • He is super talented and very spiritual and his work shows it. He is also very honest and has great items for sale which are very collectible. I know for I have bought from him and he is on my blog WIZARDOFBAUM….check it out…