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LONDON: An Evening with Ian Emes

Ian Emes

Awesome event coming up in London next Thursday, June 25: a retrospective of the work of British animation director Ian Emes, who created groundbreaking music-related animated works in the Seventies and still creates innovative work nowadays. The event, hosted by art/music collective Stomper, will include an exhibition of his artwork, a screening of his films (including a new collaboration with artist/musician John Foxx), and a conversation between Emes and writer Mark Fisher. It begins at 7pm at the The Horse Hospital art space (Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1HX). Tickets, which are £10, can be purchased online.

Check out the Stomper website for more background details about Emes including this quote about how he entered animation: “To begin with, I wasn’t attracted to the medium of animation, dominated by bouncy characters. I had no animation tutors, only practicing painters and sculptors to encourage me. I was entering the unknown, doing everything through trial and error, fumbling along and inventing my own techniques.” These pieces of animation illustrate what he’s talking about:

Excerpt from his horror short, The Bear

“Dark Side of the Moon” commission by Pink Floyd

“The Oriental Nightfish”

(Thanks, Chris Padilla)

  • Robert Schaad

    Hey Amid. Thanks for posting this. Won’t be able to attend (in London), but exciting to hear of the collaboration w/ John Foxx (whose music is great…I’d recommend the very reasonably priced Cinemascope box set).

  • I might be inclined to go see this. The Oriental Nightfish was on the end of a video I had as a kid that also had that Rupert and the Frog Song that Jerry linked to earlier and made memories come flooding back. I’m sure it had some kind of inner influence in me despite me forgetting all about it until the other day, so sweet that this exhibit comes up now that I’m on a high from seeing it again for over 15 years, I presume.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Being reminded I got a 16mm copy of “French Windows” somewhere in my stash!