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Looney Tunes exhibit in Redding, CA


Our friend Steve Schneider has brought his traveling exhibit of original Warner Bros. cartoon production art to Redding California. What’s Up Doc? The Art Of Warner Bros. Cartoons is currently on display through January 6th at the Turtle Bay Exploration Park, in the Turtle Bay Museum. Those of you spending the holidays in northern California should certainly check it out. It’s open everyday except Tuesday.

  • ah man! can’t imagine this exhibit is gonna travel as far as Dublin!!!

  • It’s all a scam, Mr. O’Flanagan, to get you to travel to northern California.

  • Cory Ag

    WHAT! I lived in Redding all my life and have never heard of anything like this… I am more excited than I ever have in all of my days of being a student animator.

  • Weirdo

    Why can’t they bring this stuff up to Seattle. California gets all the breaks, and I’m not just talking about earthquakes.

  • I got pictures of this Exhibit! I got them posted here