Los Angeles Animation Festival 2010 highlight reel

The folks at Parallax Studioworks put together this five minute video wrap-up of the recent Los Angeles Animation Festival. The event actually was as much fun as this video makes it out to be. FYI, they have me labeled as a “Festival Programmer” – Festival Consultant would’ve been more appropriate. I was there, made a few suggestions, I hung around watching films, and did the Q&A with Teddy Newton. John Andrews, Miles Flanagan, Alex McDonald and Hadrian Belove deserve all the credit or blame…

  • davidbfain

    Kudos to the organizers. Didn’t make as many of the screenings as I would have liked to but hope they keep doing this every year. It was great!

  • Jayfest

    Watching stuff like this is the only time I ever wish I lived on the west coast.

    • http://www.henkydoryfilms.com Henk Conn

      I really don’t know who parallax studios is, but I made this video. Henk Conn, henkydory films. And I made a 10 minute video. Who ever parallax studios is, they cut up a month’s of work that I did, and called it their own.

  • http://www.henkydoryfilms.com Henk Conn

    Who is parallax studios?