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Mark Bodnar exhibition

Artist Mark Bodnar has been having fun painting a new batch of his bizarre cartoon-inspired visions. His latest art show, “And We All Go”, will open on Friday November 6th at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery (4633 Hollywood Blvd.) in Los Feliz, and there is an opening reception Friday night from 8-11pm. The exhibit runs through November 29th – but you can see much of it online on the gallery website. Fun stuff!

  • Mark is an incredible artist. Wish I was in LA so I could go to the show.

  • Alex K

    This is fantastic work from a great guy. It’s great to see his continued success in the fine art world, within the animation world he is, it seems, still largely undiscovered.

  • Pez

    Love this work. If you are in the Los Feliz/ Silver Lake area do yourself a favor and check these painting out in person. It’s surprising how big some of these are. He really has a beautiful sense of color. My favorite is the painting with the kid in the nest. It feels like we just walked in on the 2nd minute of a really good 1937 cartoon from the Bob Clampett unit.

  • I really dig stuff like this… this reminds me of Todd Schorr’s work but less polished