Mary Blair Show Preview Mary Blair Show Preview

Mary Blair Show Preview

Mary Blair Painting

“The Art and Flair of Mary Blair” show opens this Saturday at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco. More than fifty pieces of original Mary Blair art will be on display including her animation concept work, Golden Books, commercial illustration, personal paintings and Disney theme park designs. A preview of some of the pieces on display can be found on the blog of the museum’s curator Andrew Farago.

(via Journalista!)

  • I have been to the cartoon art museum once and enjoyed it tremendously! it´s a small place, but the ticket is worth every penny!
    (and their shop has a nice little collection of good comics)

  • Chuck R.

    Mary Blair gets more than a fair share of attention on this blog, but whenever I see a Blair painting I’ve never seen (like the one above,) I lose interest in griping.

    I followed the link above to the other images, holding my 3-year old daughter on my lap. She immediately recognized the dark guards’ horses from Cinderella. Maybe that’s proof that more of Blair’s art “reaches the screen” than we realize.

  • Emily

    Thanks so much for mentioning this! Now I have something perfect to do with my mom when she visits me in a week! (We both love Mary Blair).

  • As far as I’m concerned, Blair doesn’t get enough attention here. I’m looking forward to taking a trip down to see this show.