MAY 23 in LA: “Cartoon Dump” MAY 23 in LA: “Cartoon Dump”

MAY 23 in LA: “Cartoon Dump”

The world is ending on May 21st, so May 23rd is the perfect time for the apocalyptic hilarity of Cartoon Dump, with its rapturous mixture of sketches, songs, puppets, stand-up comedy and actual Saturday Morning Cartoons from the 50s, 60s and 70s that are so bad you’ll be praying for the destruction of the Earth.

I’ll be introducing Frank Conniff (MST3K), Erica Doering along with guest comedians Andy Kindler, Emo Phillips and our usual gang of Mighty Mr. Titan, Johnny Cypher and who knows what else…

Join us Monday (5/23), 8 PM at the Steve Allen Theater, 4773 Hollywood Blvd. (two blocks west of Vermont). Buy advance tickets here!

  • Chuck Howell

    Have all you Cartoon Dumpsters ever considered taking your show on the road? Those of us in the great east coast sprawl could use a lift as well…

    • Steve Gattuso

      I keep suggesting they take it to San Diego for ComicCon, but I guess there’s complications.But yes, a Cartoon Dump tour should take place someday.