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Meet Andreas Deja


Andreas Deja is not only one of the best of the current generation of Disney animators, he’s one of the most passionate voices on the subject of drawn character animation and an enthusiastic spokesperson on the history of the art.

Andreas will be speaking at the Van Eaton Galleries Thursday June 21st, a benefit lecture for Asifa Hollywood’s Animation Archive. If you haven’t heard Andreas speak, you are in for a real treat. If you’ve ever been to the Van Eaton Gallery space in Sherman Oaks, you know seating is extremely limited. To purchase tickets and for more information, call 818-788-2357 or visit

  • Mike

    I like the picture you chose for this post:
    “You love my animation…you love my animation…”

  • aaaarrrgh why can’t he come HERE? New York’s not so bad…

  • In another universe we’d be looking at that picture thinking man, there’s one of those awful direct-to-video Thief And The Cobbler rip-offs.

  • G

    Living up here in Canada, you get awfully jealous of all the fun and interesting animation related events you guys get to experience down in L.A. or even in N.Y..

  • Jeffrey Gray

    Ironically, Andreas Deja worked at Williams’ studio at one point (but not on The Thief and the Cobbler).

    And for all the carping about how Aladdin rips off The Thief and the Cobbler, I really don’t think so. Jafar is obviously a lot more sinister than Zig-Zag, and he is a lot closer to Conrad Veidt’s character Jaffar from The Thief of Bagdad.

    I don’t actually see much similarity between Aladdin and The Thief and the Cobbler. I know that the impending release of Aladdin played a part in Warners getting cold feet and dropping out of the project in ’92, but the anti-Aladdin sentiments of Thief and the Cobbler fans are just silly.

    If you want to blame anything for what happened to the film, blame Jake Eberts. Warners was actually impressed by the film, even though it was behind schedule – it was executive producer Jake Eberts who pulled out of the project, causing Warners to panic and pull out.

    Ironically, Eberts and his company Allied Filmmakers did end up with some kind of rights to the film, and Eberts was the one who sold the U.S. rights to Miramax. He is the only person to have made a profit from the film.

  • Amanda R.

    Thank you James Harvey!!!! I just want to say that I love you because your random name dropping of The Theif and the Cobbler has proven to my friends that I did not make up that movie.

    This has been the best day EVER.

  • nassim

    My name is nassim.I’m a iranian girl.I have pasion of animation and design di personage of animation.Tonaght i was looking in YouTube the making of the jungle book. I’m loving of character that you had designing in this cartoon.I’m painting in italia and my design is good, but not like you.I want to show my design to you and if It’s possible comming there and practic of designing near you and learn more and more from you.
    please answer me
    best regard