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Milt Kahl at the Academy, 2.0

Let’s try this again.

If you were turned away from the Milt Kahl event last month, the Academy wants to invite you to an encore presentation. The screening, on video tape, will be held on Tuesday, June 30, at 7:30pm at the Academy’s Linwood Dunn Theater (1313 Vine Street at Fountain, in Hollywood). Free parking is available behind the building if you enter off Homewood. The event, of course, is free but reservations are required for the obvious reasons.

This invitation is extended specifically to those who did not get in to the initial presentation, however you may bring along as many friends as you care to invite. The videotape will feature the original event in its entirety, though it has been edited to provide the best coverage from two cameras. Andreas Deja and Alice Davis are planning to be there for the encore screening so the evening should have a nice personal atmosphere of its own. All attendees will receive the poster and program from the original event.

Reservations may be placed by emailing guest names to or calling 310-247-2688 and leaving names and a return phone number. Any questions, comments or concerns may be addressed to the same above.

(Pictured above from the Kahl tribute 4/27/09, Left to Right: Andreas Deja, Brad Bird, John Musker and Ron Clements)

  • Katella Gate

    “I would like to thank the Academy for hearing and making prompt and meaningful amends to those who were so deeply disappointed at the original presentation.”

    I will never be able to thank the Academy with an Oscar® in my hands, so I will have to be content with this public forum. ;-)

  • julian

    nice ….good karma guys …cant wait.

  • Classy move, kudos!

  • it would be nice if they would sell the dvd, i was there it was really fun but i would not mind having the event as a collection item

  • Ahh! That’s really nice of them to do. Hopefully this’ll help people to not be put off on the Marc Davis Series of events.

  • Nice… Now – how about those of us who got to go to the event but did not get a program because they were out of them? I had to borrow the one I put up on my blog…