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MONDAY IN NYC: Student Animation on Outdoor Screen

Cartoon Brew Student Animation Festival

Join Cartoon Brew this Monday, October 3, for a FREE screening of this year’s selections in Cartoon Brew’s Student Animation Festival. Sure, you can see them all on-line (we’re posting the last one this Monday), but we think the films are even cooler viewed with an audience on a giant HD-format LED screen against the side of a building in midtown Manhattan.

We’re putting on the show in collaboration with the fine film purveyors at the Big Screen Plaza who have been hosting a solid line-up of animation and live-action films all summer long. Most of the films they show are professional productions, and we’re extremely delighted that they’re celebrating the quality of these student productions alongside their other programs.

Screening starts at 7pm and the location is 851 6th Avenue (between 29th and 30th St., behind the Eventi Hotel). If you’re coming from work and hungry, rest assured there’s an indoor cafe where you can grab a bite before or during the screening. And if you see Amid, say hi. (He’s friendly as long as you don’t talk about animation with him.) Here’s the Facebook invite page.

  • Cath

    This is absolutely amazing. Thumbs up to both Cartoon Brew and Big Screen Plaza for making this happen!

  • snip2354

    *looks at second-to-last sentence* Nice!

    Congrats on the venue!

  • butt

    i remember taking a taxi and seeing one of bill plympton’s guard dog films on that screen while passing by. might come!

  • Toonio

    Hopefully the folks of #occupywallstreet will get a well deserved entertainment break with this event.

  • Really cool! :) good luck!