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My Cinecon Goodies

Cinecon, the film buff convention I attended over Labor Day weekend, is not a place to do animation research, but from time to time I’ve found some nice pieces there to add to my files. For example, one dealer had a stack of Andrews Sisters photos — hundreds of them – which apparently came from the estate of one of the sisters. I shuffled through them and found this nice publicity shot of the gals in front of the boards from the Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet sequence in Make Mine Music. (Click on thumbnail below to see full image).

I found another foreign sheet that I couldn’t resist – a poster for The Man Called Flintstone in Spanish. Gotta love Fred and Barney with blue 5-o’clock-shadow! My prize find this year, stuck in a stack cartoon stills (mainly of Hanna Barbera TV shows) was this still/photostat of a “George” model sheet from Tex Avery’s Of Fox And Hounds. This piece has “property of Walker Edmiston” rubber stamped on the back (Edmiston, a voice actor, puppeteer and kids show host passed away last year). Click on thumbnail below to see full image. All in all, I had a great time at the show – and was glad I could find a few goodies to share with my friends.

  • P.C. Unfunny

    I LOVE that Flintstone poster.

  • Wow what incredibly great finds! Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet is my favorite Andrews Sisters song.

  • zavkram

    I love the “George” Model Sheet… can anyone identify the artist here? If I had to guess, I would say Robert Givens… only because to me certain aspects of George’s poses and facial features (the shape of the head and cheeks especially) look similar to the Bugs Bunny model sheets for “A Wild Hare”.

  • You ought to review the Krazy Kats they screened…how about “The Apache Kid”?! That one pretty much out-Fleischered Fleischer.

  • Hi Jerry– I may be waaay off base on this, but I’m going to guess that just maybe Walker had that model sheet to use as a basis for a puppet. Was this a Clampett cartoon? If so, he might have given it to Walker as a guide, because George certainly looks a little like “Willy the Wolf”, a Clampett puppet that Walker built. Just a guess on my part.