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New dates for Cartoon Dump

Shhhh…. We are having a top secret performance of Cartoon Dump this month. Why top secret? Because the date was shifted around with little to no publicity. So we expect a small turn out this month.

We used to be every fourth Tuesday of each month, but starting in 2010 we are moving to fourth Mondays. As for our remaining dates in 2009: In October, we are on this Wednesday (10/21) at 8pm; In November we perform the fourth Monday (11/23); and in December (our Xmas party) we’ll party on the third Monday, Dec. 21st.

This month, Cartoon Dump stars MST3K’s Frank Conniff (TV’s Frank) and J. Elvis Weinstein (Dr. Erhardt & the original Tom Servo), Erica Doering and special guest star comedian Jay London. It’s Wednesday night 8pm at The Steve Allen Theatre in Hollywood. Comedy! Songs! Puppets! Magic! And God-awful cartoons from the wasteland of 50s and 60s Saturday morning television! Advanced tickets click here.

  • Paul N

    More Buff Badger!

  • Erin Siegel

    Yay! I hope Weinstein can sign my DVDs like Frank did. That was very nice of him. Looking forward to the show!

  • Pedro Nakama

    Jerry, who’s that woman in the background with sandy blonde hair and dark swim suit?

  • Super chick. That’s who she is Pedro, That’s who she is.

  • Professor Widepants

    That photo holds up as a work of art in itself.

  • JP

    I miss the Cartoon Dump podcasts. Whatever happened to those? I’d love to see a live show, but unfortunately I’m about 1,500 miles away :-(

  • Kevin Wollenweber

    I’m with JP; why not give us highlights of each CARTOON DUMP appearance on You Tube, or just keep putting up some more of the “bad” toons? Hell, as much as you loathe it, why not put out a “SPUNKY & TADPOLE” collection with forward from the cast of “CARTOON DUMP”, perhaps introducing the various chapters, the whole thing being the ultimate sendup of some of our beloved local kids’ TV shows that featured these cartoons, as “CARTOON DUMP” seems to be?

  • Great photo.

  • The previous “commenters” stole our thunder.

    There is one reason to watch and it aint the guy in the funny suit.

  • uncle wayne

    pardon me for being hetero….but, damn, these ladies are HOT!!

  • Cartoon Sister

    That lady in the flesh-colored unitard has a pleasant woman-weiner.

  • Gerard de Souza

    Is she holding up her hand to ask a question?

  • Lauren

    You know what would really spice things up? If you found some hilariously bad 80’s cartoons! =D

  • doug holverson

    Or include bad ’70s cartoons.

    Growing up in the ’70s, I was wondering why Saturday Morning just kept getting lamer and lamer….

  • Gerard de Souza

    The wonderful thing as an aspiring cartoonist growing up in the 70s; if I saw crap, which there was a lot of, I would think even as untrained as I would, could do better. Or if I saw something that was good yet deceptively simple like Pink Panther or Schoolhouse Rock, I felt I might be able to that. Both thoughts were rather naive but it made me believe pursuing animation, even for me, was in my grasp.