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NEXT WEEK: Don Hertzfeldt In NYC

Don Hertzfeldt

If you haven’t heard, filmmaker Don Hertzfeldt is currently in the midst of a nationwide tour of his films, including the debut of his latest tour de force I Am So Proud of You. The show has been a huge success and has sold out (or nearly sold-out) in every city the tour has hit. Hertzfeldt continues appearances in Allentown, Pennsylvania tonight and Rochester, New York on Saturday. Next Wednesday, November 19, he’s doing a couple shows in New York at the IFC Center (323 Sixth Avenue). Both the early and late show have already sold out, but Don tells me that they’re planning to add a third, extra-late show. Stay tuned to this page for ticket info on the third show, which should go on sale soon.

If you’re feeling lucky, Cartoon Brew is giving away two tickets to the 9:15 show. Just enter your name on our Cartoon Brew group on Facebook by Saturday. I’ll be moderating the Q&A sessions with Don for the New York portion of the tour so get some good questions ready for us. More info about the tour on Don’s website BitterFilms.com. And while we’re at it, here’s a good recent interview with Don about his latest short.

  • Rob

    11:15 show just opened up, tix are $16 online without a membership.

    Now, If only there was a conveniently placed showing of Fears of the Dark beforehand…

  • Brian

    Do we have to be a member of Facebook to win the free tix? I can’t make it to the Allentown one so I’m giving serious thought to driving to NYC for this next week.

    And just for the record, selling out three NYC showtimes over a week in advance of the date? Making us scramble to find a seat? CONGRATS DON!! I’ve never heard of an animator rocking this hard with a “solo” tour before!

  • Jim

    Saw the tour in Chicago a few weeks ago and loved “I Am So Proud of You.” Probably my favorite film of his so far… and I liked “Everything Will Be OK” a lot.

    Hopefully your Q&A will go a bit better than ours. I’m as big a fan of Don’s work as anyone, but some people there obsessed over him. One question started off, “I feel like I’m talking to Jesus” and devolved from there. Still, Don was extremely gracious and he’s very witty, which came in handy with some extremely awkward/inappropriate questions (“Do YOU have a mental illness, Don?).

  • Q

    Jim- agreed. I had the chance to check out the late show in Chicago, and the Q & A was for the most part terrible with the questions being asked. (Have you ever had bad experience with a balloon? …sigh) But Don was very understanding and managed to make himself available for signings and a chat (fortunately).

    “I Am So Proud of You” was a remarkable followup to “Everything Will Be Okay” and I hope audiences appreciate the risks he’s taking in adding depth to his medium aside from the already pop-established “Rejected” characters and Billy and his Balloon, among others.

  • Meg

    Will be seeing this tomorrow night in Rochester with the bf. Both of us are fans of Hertzfeld’s work, and I’m looking forward to it quite a bit!

  • tim!

    Yes! i too was at the Chicago show, really great, “I am So Proud of You” is pretty amazing, one of my fav movie going experiences of the year, i kind of laughed about seeing Don’s work on the big screen, i had seen “Rejected” on 35 and felt no different in comparison to seeing it online/dvd. However, “Im So Proud of You and Everything Will be OK” are SO AMAZING PROJECTED!!!! very funny, moving pieces of work, i can’t wait to see them again. ALSO, Chicago crowds are the worst at Q&A’s…. the worst. We had this one girl tell Don to stick with the stick figures, and that was probably the saddest comment i heard… why would people not want to see an artist grow? uh, why am i writing?, oh yes: ENJOY THIS NYC!!!!

  • The Atlanta show was fantastic and “I am so proud” is as amazing as everyone is saying. I guess our Q&A went a little better, although I can vouch for those obsessive fans and Don’s graciousness. In answer to one question it came out that the sequence with the seal playing soccer was actually based on a dream he had. I wish my dreams were that funny. It’s something that really needs a re-watch. I’m jealous of the shows with two screenings.