Next week in Burbank: CTN Expo Next week in Burbank: CTN Expo
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Next week in Burbank: CTN Expo

This is the Burbank Marriott tonight. It will look nothing like this next week – Friday November 19th through Sunday the 21st – when the CTN Expo is in session. The place will be packed wall-to-wall with animation artists, creators, filmmakers, studio recruiters, art students and cartoon fans.

It’s the “Comic-Con” of animation and animators and the place to be. Cartoon Brew is sponsoring the animators’ lounge, I’m moderating a panel (interviewing the principals of Spain’s Headless Studios), there will be special guests and special events including screenings of The Illusionist, CandyMan and Tick Tock Tale, live drawing demonstrations, raffles, appearances all weekend from Jean Giraud “Moebius”, Chris Sanders, Ronnie del Carmen, Louie del Carmen, Enrico Casarosa, Chris Wedge, Joseph Gilland – just to name a few.

The exhibitor room includes booths from Walt Disney Animation, Warner Bros., Stuart Ng, Pascal Campion, Dean Yeagle, Sony Pictures Animation, Cal Arts, Titmouse, Animation Mentor, Nancy Beiman and over 100 others.

Panels include a preview of Warner Bros. new Looney Tunes Show (Friday @ 12:30pm), Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois interviewed by Charles Solomon (Friday @ 6pm), Jill Culton interviewing Peter de Seve and Carter Goodrich (Saturday @ 2pm), and dozens more seminars, discussions and demonstrations. The complete schedule is now online.

The CTN Expo II will be held next weekend in Burbank. For more information, click here. My advice: Buy your tickets now!

  • The place looks pretty drab from outside but the visit of my pal Matt Cruickshank will liven it up. Watch out for him!

  • I can’t wait!

  • Jmatte

    Having attended one day last year, I can say it’s like a best of comicon in terms of the concentration of artists, various talents and material found there. Last year was good, may this year be as good if not better.

  • Tom

    I loved CTN last year, but I’m really bothered that it costs 2 or 3 times the price of Comic-Con.

    • Dave

      I agree. Plus everyone seems to have a discount code so why not just lower the price for everyone?

      Also, I wish the schedule had been posted sooner…

    • droosan

      I got a discount on admission last year, thanks to the generosity of an artist whom I’d ‘chanced’ to meet at SDCC’09 .. but, this year — no dice. I’m an industry professional of 16 years; but just not with the ‘right studio’, I guess. -_-

      Anyway, my summer months were a bit ‘lean’, freelance-wise .. so, even -with- a discount, I can’t be 100% sure I would’ve sprung for the ticket.

      I recognize that the Burbank Marriott is not ‘cheap’, though .. so, I dunno how/whether the cost of admission could be lowered.

      I -DID- very much enjoy the Expo last year .. and would definitely recommend it, to anyone who can attend.

    • Jim

      Comic-Con is cheaper because the audience base is much larger; costs are distributed over a huge audience. $130 for 3 days of CTN seems reasonable considering 5 days at OIAF is $210 and 5 days at SIGGRAPH is almost $1000 for a full-conference pass.

  • Agreed, I don’t think the price for admission is too high. Its a much much smaller con than comic con, and I think it’s worth the price for me to fly out from NJ to see all these amazing people! Plus, the moderators were kind enough to lend me a discount when I told them I work at a game studio. Droosan, if you havent bought a ticket yet, ask if they have a discount or scour the internet; artists have been posting discounts for the past few weeks.

    Looking forward to the Headless Productions panel, Nocturna is a beautiful movie and everything that comes out of that studio is gorgeous.