Next Weekend: CTN-X Animation Expo Next Weekend: CTN-X Animation Expo

Next Weekend: CTN-X Animation Expo

Next weekend (11/20-22) is the CTN Animation Expo, and that’s where I’ll be with several hundred of my friends. It’s a convention/trade show/seminar for those in, those who want to be in, and just plain fans of, the world of animation. If only the invitees show up, it’ll be a success – and very well attended. Tina Price is running the event and she says, “Everyone will walk away from this event with more than the walked in with whether an idea, a job opportunity or a career mentor.”

Some of the highlights of the event:

• Simon Wells and Rob Minkoff discuss the differences of directing live action vs. animation.

• Don Bluth and Gary Goldman interview (with me, Jerry Beck)

• Peter de Sève, Harald Siepermann, Kent Melton, Mike Mignola, Lou Romano talk about their careers and share industry secrets. Maquette artists Kent Melton and Ruben Procopio discuss maquettes.

• Special screening of The Secret of Kells followed by round table discussion with the Producer and Director moderated by LA film critic Charles Solomon.

• Pixar in the house with Art Director Daisuke “Dice” Tsutsumi, Animator and founder of Spline Doctors Andrew Gordon, Character Designers Derek Monster, Scott Morse, Bill Presing and more…

• Exhibitors will include Blue Sky Studios, Cal Arts, Disney Animation Studios, Sony Pictures Animation, Rik Maki, Mike Mignola, Stuart Ng Books, Nucleus Gallery, Bill Pressing, Renegade Animation, Stephen Silver, Dean Yeagle and many many more artists, animation studios and organizations.

CTN-X takes place at the Burbank Marriott Convention Center with ample discounted parking, conveniently located near the Burbank Airport and an Amtrak Station. Early bird pricing and discounted rates are available to students, active military and professional industry organizations. Early bird prices extended to Nov 15th. Prices start at $25 for exhibit floor only. For more information and to register, please visit for more info.

PSSST: Cartoon Brew will hold a contest within the the next few days to give away a few tickets – AND a two night FREE stay at the hotel during the Expo. Stay Tooned…

  • Sara H.

    I look forward to meeting you there! :)

  • uli

    Yeah, see you there…

  • Hey Jerry!

    This should be fun!! I look forward to seeing you again! it’s been awhile!


  • Alfons Moline

    I won´t be able to attend, but to those who do, it will be a good chance to ask Mr. Bluth when is he going to do a new movie (it´s almost a decade ago since he made his last one, Titan A.E.!).

  • Sara H.


    According to IMDB, he’s make a Dragons Lair film!!

  • I was just on the website and it says the fast track recruiting is closed. I was told by someone over the phone (at CTN) we could apply the day of and still get seen. This is B.S. to me. To have recruiters come and not have everyone be seen. Especially if you have to buy a 3-day pass to do the recruiting and then be told you can’t do it. This seems like another networking event that didn’t do enough planning to accommodate the amount of people in need of jobs.

  • You know, I’d say to hunt down who you’re looking to talk to and set up some private time if you can. Never hurts to ask. I’ll have a table and am happy to check out work.

  • I just talked to Trisha at CTN. She said the fast track is full, but we can approach recruiters at any time during the event to get an interview. Sounds like it could be a mob scene, but could turn into a fun push and shove mosh pit thing. Looking fwd to it.

  • Scott,

    sounds good. I actually own 2 of your originals. Bought at SDCC a few years ago. But yeah i think it’ll be a cool event. great to network and meet people.

  • Mesterius

    Don Bluth recently directed the Arabic-produced (?) animated feature “Gift of the Hoopoe”, which from what I’ve heard mixes drawn animation with motion capture (again, ?). Doesn’t sound particularly interesting, but I’ve heard some rumours that he’s doing this to finally be able to make his long-in-development-hell hand drawn cartoon feature “Dragon’s Lair”. Anyone that can confirm (or correct) these rumours?

    If not… Jerry, be sure to ask him how it’s going with the “Dragon’s Lair” movie! I wanna know:)

  • In the confirmation e-mail they mention “a surprise late night screening 11pm on Saturday… sshhhhhh!” Anyone have an idea or heard any rumors? ;)
    Looking forward to the Don Bluth Panel!