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Notes from Annecy

Peter and the Wolf

Another edition of Annecy has wrapped and the winners have been announced. The top short film prize, the Annecy Cristal, went to Suzie Templeton’s Peter and the Wolf (pictured above) which also won the Audience Award. Other deserving shorts which took home prizes include Andreas Hykade’s The Runt, Samuel Tourneux’s Même les pigeons vont au paradis and Luis Cook’s The Pearce Sisters. Tom Brown and Daniel Benjamin Gray’s t.o.m. won the highest honor for a student film while the feature prize went to Norway’s Free Jimmy directed by Christopher Nielsen. A complete list of winners is here. I’ll be writing more about many of these films over the coming months.

There’s much that I could write about the festival, but I thought I’d take a moment to just talk about why I think it’s so important to attend animation festivals like Annecy. Living in LA, as I do, it’s easy to become complacent and think that you know everybody in the animation world. But then you go to a festival like Annecy where you see thousands of animation artists, and not a single one of them is from LA or NY, and you begin wondering where the heck you’ve landed. It’s a humbling experience and a reminder that today’s animation world is far more vast and diverse than ever before.

There are talented artists producing animation in every corner of the globe and festivals create the ideal forum for an exchange of ideas and techniques (or drinks, as the case may be with most animation types). I had the opportunity to meet and mingle with many of the international animation set last week including Juan Pablo Zaramella and Silvina Cornillón from Argentina; Israeli Ariel Belinco, co-director of the prize-winning Annecy short Beton (watch it here), Australian James Calvert of The People’s Republic of Animation and Vijayakumar Arumugam from India.

Then there’s all the Europeans at the festival, all of the British and the Germans and the Dutch and the Danish and the French and so many more that creating a list of the people I hung out with would run pages long. Even the loft I was staying in housed a fascinating melting pot of animation folk including French animators like like Sebastien Dabadie, Sebastien Laudenbach and Claire Fouquet, and Saschka Unseld of Germany’s Studio Soi.

People come from many countries to attend festivals but everybody speaks the same language of animation. It’s a varied and nuanced language that becomes ever so evident at a place like Annecy. There’s nothing more refreshing than going to a place that shows you animation is not just George of the Jungle but also George Schwizgebel.

I’ve posted links below to other bloggers who have some pics and thoughts from the festival. Considering how many people were there, it’s surprising that so few people have written about it. If you have a blog post about Annecy, please share in the comments:

Uli Meyer

Boris Hiestand

Matt JonesElliot Cowan

Hans Perk – I and II

The Duffy twins

Felix Herzog presents a nice collection of sketches from artists who attended the festival

Amid, Lisa and Uli
Yours truly with Lisa and Uli

  • K.Borcz

    Where can we actually SEE these films?

  • That shot of you guys with Uli’s ‘sample’ is priceless! See you next year- Matt

  • I hope you’re not calling Lisa a “sample” Matthew…

  • Yay! Another tinseltownie brings Annecy back to LA.

    [Clever hat discussion callback goes here.]

  • amid

    K.Borcz – A number of the films at Annecy this year will be appearing in the upcoming months on CartoonBrewFilms. We’ll start announcing some of them soon.

  • DanO

    I just saw the “Peter And The Wolf” short on tv the other night – it was on the ARTS channel, which is part of the basic cable package in most cities. It’s an incredible feat.

  • K.Borcz

    Amid= thank you, I’ll be watchin for them!

  • Did anyone check check out the “politically incorrect” shorts screening? My Short played in that one. I was unable to attend the festival and was wondering how the screening went. I wish I went. I hope to make it out there someday. It sounds like a great time.

    I can’t wait to check out the films that make it to cartoonbrewfilms!

  • Chris Robinson

    Nice hat ol’ man. Let’s go hang gliding sometime.

    Ya know, Peter and the Wolf is good, but Yamamura’s film is great. Still this technique over story/concept stuff goin on too much.

    Petrov can suck my ass, slowly.

  • Hey Amid, sadly i needed to rush to the train station on Friday so i didn’t even have time to say a proper goodbye to everyone. I had a great time in Annecy this year, at the festival and at the loft. Also this years selection of shorts was exceptionally good. And thanks for posting the link to our website. Hope to see you again soon.

  • Esn


    Here are some of the Russian entries:

    My Love (Aleksandr Petrov, only clips):
    (this one repeats at the end)

    Foolish Girl (Zoya Kireyeva, full film) won the award for best premiere film

    And here’s a great Russian film that DIDN’T make it to Annecy (no dialogue or text that needs to be translated):
    It really shows the genius of European medieval artists, and it made me really appreciate how they structured their paintings.

    I did make a short post about the Russian entries at my blog, but it’s nothing too special:

    I was somewhat surprised that Petrov’s “My Love” didn’t get much attention, actually. Maybe it’s because he isn’t working for a Canadian studio this time?

  • As always, an amazing festivalweek. Seen so many films it’s hard to remember which ones were the best. Didn’t even fall asleep this year. The Short films 5 programme was awesome. And there were some fantastic graduationfilms.
    Posted a couple of Annecy pics on our blog as well:

  • The Belgians were there!
    Three hurrays for Peter and the wolf!!
    but lot’s of others were great2 (like “Madame Tutli-Putli”)

    The intro-film was by Pic Pic André (Panique Au Village) (Belgian, for the ones who do not know them, worth checking out)

    I had a great time in Annecy and I will be there again next year!

  • Unfortunatly, Free Jimmy also won a prize. I saw the movie the final evening while hanging out with my friends on the field. We as a group agreed that we had never seen a movie that BORING before!!!

    My personal favorite was “My Love” from Petrov. The best moments there were the Pixar conferences and seeing “The Pixar Story” together with “Lifted”. It was a great festival, and I’ll be back next year!

  • It’s good to hear Templeton’s Peter & The Wolf is getting the recognition it so deserves. I’ve written an (ecstatic) article on the film quite a while ago. For those interested, it can be found here:

  • Here are my sketches from the event

    and some photos too

    I didn’t see many people sketching though which was a bit disapointing, there was however a guy sketching in front of me on the first row during the Surf’s Up presentation, hopefully he is a reader of Cartoon Brew and will post his drawings here too.

  • I thought Peter and the Wolf was an incredible feat. You feel for the characters much more than all the overloaded crap in this summer’s blockbusters. I was also quite touched by My Love, though some of the other folks I talked to felt it was ‘too much’, as though it was too rich a cake.

    I kinda liked Free Jimmy, which was as un-Disney as they come, though surprised Paprika was shut out.

    And Annecy is a load of fun. Love the paper airplanes!