November 18-20 in Burbank: CTN EXPO III November 18-20 in Burbank: CTN EXPO III

November 18-20 in Burbank: CTN EXPO III

First off: In case you haven’t bought your tickets yet – the CTN Expo is two and a half weeks away. What are you waiting for? This is our “Comic Con” and it is going to sell out. Anyone who’s attended the previous CTN shows know that this event is the closest thing we have to an animation artist and creators convention in the United States – and its a helluva lot of fun. (That’s Peter De Seve above, addressing the appreciative crowd in 2009).

This year’s CTNX is set for November 18-20, and organizer Tina Price is planning bigger and better panels, seminars and exhibits. Like what? Like this:

On stage interviews with Oscar Grillo, Bill Plympton, Eric Goldberg, Andreas Deja, Florian Satzinger, and Carlos Grangel; Panels and special events including a “one on one” with French graphic novel artist Régis Loisel moderated by Christophe Lautrette (Dreamwoks); sneak preview of Aardman’s latest feature Arthur Christmas; a creature creators panel with Terryl Whitlatch, William Stout, Greg Baldwin and David Thomas Guertin; and a seminar on DIY Self Publishing with David Colman, Sean “Cheeks” Galloway and Stephen Silver.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s over 150 planned sessions, a sold-out exhibit floor, book signings, gallery shows, live demonstrations, sneak peak screenings, networking at night …and, of course, The Cartoon Brew Over-Flow Lounge (a place to hang in case you can’t get into your favorite panel – or just wanna grab a drink!). I’ll be there. I’ll be in the exhibit room. I’ll be moderating panels.

You’ve been warned… Register Now (Cartoon Brew discount code: CBREWX11). For even more info on the CTN Expo, click here. See you there.

  • Sigh.
    If only we had something like that on the east coast….

    • Funkybat

      Other than NYCC and DragonCon, I don’t think there will ever be much of anything to cater to animation geeks on the East Coast. Expecting that to just be the way of the world, I long ago packed it in for CA, even though I still miss living in a place with real seasons and normal weather patterns. (Don’t miss the humidity, though.)

      If you are really interested in animation, especially animation careers, it’s worth the plane ticket to come out here for an event like this.

      • Steve Gattuso

        Actually, I think it’s eminently possible for there to be an East Coast version of this event, if the right people were willing to run it. Has anyone ever brought this up to the CTN people?

  • Matt

    Agreed ^

    But alas, I jumped in headfirst and bought a plane ticket across the US for this year. I’m sure it’ll be well worth it. See everyone there!

  • Paul N

    The problem with some of the panels and presentations you mention is that they’re over and above the cost of the convention itself. They cost extra, in other words. I’ve been attending CTN since their first year, and I’ll be there again this year, but I’m not a fan of this “pay to attend, then pay more to get into the best stuff” approach that started last year.

    • Jim

      The bigger problem is the tiny venue. Lines double back on themselves or spontaneously merge with different lines, no one knows exactly what a particular line is for, and the rooms are way too small to support the number of tickets they sell. It was horribly cramped last year and it’s going to be even worse this year. They need a larger venue and more professional event planning. And hopefully they learned from last year’s recruiting failure. Telling job applicants to upload a 320×240 quicktime, in the age of 720p, is ridiculous. Informing interview applicants 2 hours before an interview, via email, is ridiculous. CTN succeeds in spite of itself, thanks to its prime location surrounded by animation talent.

    • All the best stuff at CTNx is included in a 3-day pass ie: Panels, Screenings, Recruiting, and networking parties. New this year due to popular demand is even more good stuff with workshops that are additionally priced between $5.00 – $20.00.

    • The Real Paul N

      Don’t know who posted the “Paul N” comment above, but it wasn’t me. While it is true that I’ve been attending since year one and will be there again this year, I have nothing but praise for the job Tina and her team do every year in putting together a fantastic event.

      I’m looking forward to what’s in store this year, and I’m talking up the event to my students and colleagues. For practitioners and fans of our art form, there is no better event to attend. See you there!

      • The Brewmasters

        Paul N and the Real Paul N: If you don’t know who the other Paul N is, then why are you both posting from the same IP address. We ask that individual readers not use multiple identities in the same thread for the purpose of obfuscation. You will be banned if you continue abusing the commenting system in this manner.

  • jesus does that video need a more nauseating informercial groove to it ?

  • Why isn’t there anything like that in Europe?
    And besides that, it looks like it is expensive to get in, and only made for the bigshots! :/

    • Yeah why isn’t there?

    • Steve Gattuso

      Like I said about the East Coast suggestion, it just needs someone willing and capable of organizing it.And that goes for Asia, too.

  • Matt

    Price wise it isn’t so bad to get in – about the same as other festivals and expos. If you order early enough, you can get your weekend pass for 80 bucks. But as Paul N. said, the panels and special events all cost extra, anywhere from 5 to 25 dollars. So that’s where they get you, unfortunately.

    • Just want clear confusion. Paul and Matt aren’t exactly correct. Everything is included in a ctnx 3-day pass. All the speaker and panel sessions, all the screenings, all the networking parties, recruiting, book signings, and everything else exactly the same as in 2009 and 2010. Newly added this year are the workshop intensives with special attention for the participants who want to dig deeper in an intimate setting of only 20 – 80 people. These are once in a lifetime opportunities and range between $5 – $20 depending. They are “optional”. Everything else is included. :-)

  • P.S. Brew readers can get a reduced admission price if they enter this “discount code”: CBREWX11

  • I’m really looking forward to this. I spoke with Mike Mignola at the Calgary Comic Expo when I was showing him my work and he recommended I check out CTN. Can’t wait!!

  • Just a note the code that worked was CBREWX11. This is a great event. I have attended since it began and found a wealth of inspiration and practical information about all kinds of aspects of the creative and business side of animation, which would have been difficult if not impossible to access otherwise.

    Last year was very crowded and a bit overwhelming, but still well worth it.

  • Steve Gattuso

    I’ll see you folks on the 19th.