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November L.A. Comic Con


My friend Bruce Schwartz runs the Comic Book and Sci-Fi Convention at the Shrine Auditorium (near USC) in Los Angeles each month. And he always invites down some great in-person speakers, the famous and the infamous. I want to give a heads up for his November 4th show because it features two of my favorite people – from two completely different ends of the cartooning spectrum.

Actor Marvin Kaplan, the voice of Choo-Choo (pictured above left) from the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series Top Cat, will be there signing autographs from 11:00am to 3:00pm. Marvin is also known for his role as Irwin in the comedy film It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World, and has done many cartoon voices throughout his career, such as The Smurfs.

Animator and Playboy magazine cartoonist Dean Yeagle will be signing copies of his books, Mandy’s Shorts, and his new book, Melange: The Art of Dean Yeagle, from 10:00am – 5:00pm. Dean is an amazing artist and his drawings of the ladies define the term “good-girl art” (sample above right).

For more information on the monthly Shrine Auditorium Comic Con, check the website at www.comicbookscifi.com.

  • “Irwin”…is that the guy who raves re: Jonathan Winters: “He’s nuts!He’s nuts!He’s REALLY nuts!” as they run around the gas station?

  • Zach

    It’s too bad I don’t live near LA, or I’d definitely go to this.
    I used to watch Top Cat a lot when it was still on Cartoon Network.
    Also, I’d never heard of Dean Yeagle before, and… wow… that guy’s website is officially in my bookmarks. “Good-girl art,” indeed.
    Looks like a great convention!

  • Yeah….remember when “Cartoon Network” used to show old films! Boomerang (thank Jesus) shows “T.C.” every nite at midnight!! I guess CN feels it illegal to show films older than 1995!!

  • professor bosco

    marvin kaplan does play one of those gas station attendants, and the other attendant is played by arnold stang, Top Cat himself.

  • anonymous

    OH MY GOD! I totally sleep like that!

    Now I know I’m not a freak!

  • Sarah

    Dean Yeagle, now thats an artist I’m a little bit more familiar with. I love his drawings of pretty girls, they’re both cute and sexy. To bad I don’t live anywhere near L.A. to get an autograph but if I’m lucky he’ll attend NYC Comic Con next year.