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NY/LA Animation Events on March 2


Here’s a heads up on two unusual animation screenings on Friday night, March 2nd—one in New York, the other in Los Angeles.

In New York, Marv Newland is appearing in person a retrospective of his amazing International Rocketship short films. The screening includes such classics as Lupo The Butcher, Anijam, Pink Komkommer and many more – projected in 35mm! This event will occur at the Two Boots Pioneer Theatre on East 3rd Street near Avenue A, at 7pm.

In L.A. Laemmle’s Sunset 5 in West Hollywood is screening the independent stop motion feature Blood Tea and Red String. Since filmmaker Christiane Cegavske lives in L.A. there’s an excellent chance she’ll be there in person. It plays at midnight on both Friday March 2nd and Saturday March 3rd.

  • Marv Newland is an amazing guy. I wish I could attend this event! I would love to see all of Rocketship’s stuff in one sitting, how cool would that be ?

  • Marv Newland will also be attending Pratt Institute on March 1 to give a seminar and show some of his films. I am definitally going to see it, as I find most of his work hard to find. But from what I have already seen of International Rocket Ship, I have a strong feeling I am going to enjoy it.
    If I’m not too busy the next day (March 2), I will try and make this other screening.
    Thanks for the information!

  • Esn

    I wish Blood Tea and Red String would come to Toronto some time; that film looks really interesting.

    It did come to that excellent animation festival in Waterloo in November (which is relatively close-by), but I didn’t hear about the festival’s existence until it was too late.

    (Definitely going next year, though)

  • Thanks for the heads up on these…I’ll be struttin’ down the hill to the Sunset 5 next weekend!

  • Oscar Grillo

    If yo see Marv, Jerry, give ‘im my boundless love (And ask him to show you his sketch book…..And tell him that I still hate animation and animators!)

  • mwb

    Ah the joy and the sorrow.

    First I love Marv Newland’s work. I used to see a lot of his stuff back in the old International Tournee of Animation shows. So I click the link to the NFB you have for him.

    So why don’t they offer his stuff on DVD. It drives me nuts remembering so many great animated shorts I’ve seen over the years that STILL aren’t available on DVD.

    Heck that site lists a great looking collection of NFB animated shorts The Best of the Best as three VHS volumes.

    Le sigh.