Oscar Acceptance Speech Oscar Acceptance Speech

Oscar Acceptance Speech

Quick, watch the first five minutes of this before the Academy removes it from You Tube Oops, too late. Watch the clip here.

(Thanks, Matthew Gaastra)

  • Chris D.

    Tasteful and enjoyable! The clip at the beginning was a little cheesy, but had enough funny inside jokes that made it worth it.

  • Inkan1969

    Did they use CGI for Coraline? She moved more smoothly than you’d expect from a stop motion character.

    The nominee interviews were fun. I’d love to read a “making of” article about the sequences. I assume that each studio writes their own sequence. Are there any rules as to what they can or can’t do in their segments? And does the academy pay the studios for the work? I’m just curious if the academy reimbursed the “Kells” studio in particular, since it doesn’t have the big budget like Disney or Pixar would have.

  • @Jerry : Anyway You could Post the Nomminated shortfilms here?

  • mick

    they’re quick

  • Jay Sabicer

    Too late.

  • Let’s hope animated star interviews become a tradition from now onwards!

  • juanma – We posted links to all the shorts last month. Check this post: http://www.cartoonbrew.com/shorts/watch-four-of-the-five-oscar-nominated-shorts-online.html

  • Damn, too late!

  • Kate

    Arse! It’s down! And I missed this when it was on TV too! :(

  • Late…You have to describe it, Jerry!

  • Christine

    it’s not here, starting at about 0:50 –


  • diego

    is not there anymore

  • The Fantastic Mr. Fox bit was a brilliant dis

  • The crocodile COMPLETELY ripped on Halle Berry…and I actually think it’s hilarious. BUT George Clooney (as Mr. Fox) and that line showed ignorance of extreme levels…Im pretty sure these are “real” movies too.

  • Sara H.

    This was really wonderful, I’m glad I got to watch it even though I missed the oscars.

    And A.J.. you arn’t understanding what they did here, Mr. Fox was cleverly highlighting the animation ghetto these films get put in. I thought it was a brilliant bit.
    Cuss I love that Fox.

  • FP

    The Oscar show is boring and corny as always.

    –Did they use CGI for Coraline?–

    Yeah, sorta. They animated the character heads with cg, then output each frame as a plastic head, which was used for replacement animation. It seems like a weird thing to do.

  • Scarabim

    This was charming. I liked all of them. Wish Astro Boy had been nominated – an interview with him, via Freddie Highmore’s voice, could have been killer.

  • The “Mr.Fox” and “Up” bits were the best ones…

  • Fred Sparrman

    Mr. Fox: “These are all cartoons…I thought we got nominated like a REAL movie!”

    This line would be funnier if “Up” hadn’t done exactly what Mr. Fox was implying…

  • HA! that Mr. Fox bit was hilarious.

  • Best part of the whole show, although to be honest I went immediately to bed after this. Still sad PONYO didn’t get the nomination over FROG, but then again I don’t see Miyazaki having any part of the little cartoon openings. The bit with Aisling (from KELLS) is adorable.

  • vzk

    Kinda off-topic, but is it true that Beavis and Butthead were at the Academy Awards once?

  • squirrel

    What happened to the comments in the Oscar results post? The comments section never appeared (judging as how there were 57 comments ALL DAY, I’m not the only one who noticed)!

  • This was the best part of the whole ceremony by far. Even Cameron Diaz and Steve Carell’s presentation was kind of funny, but the clips with the animated characters are charming and hilarious.

    Well, since I’m from Spain, I have some difficulties understanding Louis’ part in The Princess and The Frog part, could someone transcript what he says after “This moment is so much bigger than me” until the end of their clip.

    I don’t understand what the girl from Secret of Kells says either. I get lost after “Well, just being nominated is great”. After that I just understand some words here and there but not the whole sentence.

    I do understand the other three. I think Mr Fox’s and Coraline’s are hilarious. I know she does her voice, but Coraline is really a lot more charismatic than Dakota Fanning!

  • Katella Gate

    Roberto, Here’s the whole “Princess” script. I can’t help you with “Kells”, her accent rather strange and I am a native speaker of English. Sort of.

    (Naveen) Ah, you know, just to be nominated…

    (Louis) We won! We Won! Oh, this moment is so much bigger than me! This moment is for all the nameless, faceless ‘gaters who came before me.

    (Naveen) Louis, it is just a nomination!

    (Louis) Ah… This isn’t going to end up on YouTube, is it?

  • Inkan1969- According to Neil Gaiman’s twitter feed, he wrote the CORALINE segment. I’m assuming that the other studios authored their own pieces as well.

  • Having watched the Oscars last night, besides Jeff Bridges winning his award, the Animation segment was, naturally, the best part for me! My favorites were for CORALINE, SECRET OF KELLS, and UP. The FANTASTIC MR. FOX one was pretty funny, poking fun at Hollywood’s disdain for animated films (which is ironic, as George Clooney did this film)!

    Speaking of Clooney, it was just so funny that he looked grumpy most of the time, for reasons still yet unknown, only to actually laugh when presenters poked fun at him, or smile when presenters deliver a speech about him! Man, he stood out like a sore thumb…

  • Rob T.

    Roberto & Katella Gate: As far as I can tell, Aisling’s comment runs as follows–“Well, just being nominated is great! Because more people will discover our film–and me! And I got to go all the way from Ireland. I might get to meet that nice Mr. Martin, with the lovely silver hair–like mine!” What makes it work is not so much the cleverness of the words as how cute and charming the character is (while also being completely and unselfconsciously stuck on herself).

    vzk: Beavis and Butt-head actually presented the sound effects editing Oscar thirteen years ago. I remember Butt-head explaining how sound effects work in a film, climaxing with the following example (approximated from memory, because I can’t locate the video online):

    Butt-head: So when I smack Beavis, sound effects create the illusion of pain. (smacks Beavis)

    Beavis: (rubbing his cheek) Ow! That really did hurt!

    The Oscar went to The Ghost and the Darkness, by the way.

  • barney_miller

    Actually, ALL of Coraline is animated in stop motion. Each expression was drawn and designed by Shane Prigmore. Then, CG models were made of each of those expressions and they were output on a stereolithography machine. The animators then use a mixture of “face parts” as replacements. They weren’t animated in the computer.

    The feeling was that it would be quicker to match a pre-built cg model face to each of Shane’s drawings than to sculpt each one individually. I think it’s actually a brilliant combination of new technology and traditional methods.

  • Thank you, Katella and Rob T.

    Louis’ quotation of Halle Berry is pretty clever, the “bigger than me” part” is ironic for Louis’ and the “nameless, faceless” part seems to fit too considering Princess and the frog is also a film about afro-americans.

  • Even though I liked the gag I must say that looking at Secret of Kells and Princess and The Frog clips back to back and surrounded by stop-motion and CGI animation, Louis and Naveen’s clip looks less neat than the SOK one. I think it’s mostly the shadows, 2D animation doesn’t need to have all those shadows. Aisling looks a lot better with her simple yet tasteful coloring. There is a lesson to learn there.

  • CVG

    I loved the joke in Mr. Fox’s part haha. I personally wished Coraline won though. And I agree with Fred Sparrman in the comments. Seriously Pixar? You had to use the stupid dog/squirrel joke for your part?? Or was it you couldn’t get new VA lines and went with Mr. Peterson because he was readily available?

  • http://theblogofkells.blogspot.com/2010/03/oscar-night.html

    i just wrote a wee post about making this tiny spot for Oscar night on my blog …. if anyones still interested.

  • Fred Sparrman

    I think my previous comment was misinterpreted by CVG…what I meant is that Up WAS “nominated like a real movie” with its Best Picture nomination. People are taking Mr. Fox’s joke as a comment on the “ghettoization” of animation in Hollywood, but Up’s Best Picture nomination makes that point moot. Up DID get the serious consideration Mr. Fox was lamenting the lack of.

  • I wasnt surprised by the fact that Up had won, but then again I did saw it coming. I liked the patf segment{didnt anyone yell big lipped alligator moment during this part? xD}

    I pretty much agree with everyone saying that coraline or mr.fox shouldve won the award. But a few of my friends were hoping that Patf would win this one, but sadly enough pixar wins yet again. Say did anyone notice John Lassester in the audience?

  • I’ve noticed that the Oscars video has been removed from youtube, so if anyone’s interested I posted on my blog the Aisling clip I animated with Alfredo Cassano. Thanks for the lovely comments, we’re glad you enjoyed it.