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Oscar Talkback

The Oscar winners were announced tonight.

UP won two Academy Awards: It won for BEST ANIMATED FEATURE FILM and Michael Giacchino won an Oscar for its musical score.


The highlight of the broadcast was a segment featuring lead characters from all five nominated animated films, Coraline, Mr. Fox, Louis the Alligator (from Princess and the Frog), Aisling (from Kells) and Carl & Dug from Up talking about being nominated. We’ll post this as soon as it’s online. In the meantime, congratulations to Pete Docter and Pixar – and let the talkback begin!

(illustration above by Oscar Grillo)

  • jp


  • Sure was nice to see Coraline and Aisling for another couple of seconds.

  • Who’s surprised….nobody….what a shock!

  • I was really rooting for Fantastic Mr. Fox. I feel it was the most inventive and fresh film amongst the nominees.

    And Logorama? Really? Well, I guess there wasn’t much to choose from.

  • Mathew

    Argh, Logorama as the only short I couldn’t stand. It was a clever concept but the execution (writing and such) was so terrible.

  • So… I guess it isn’t eligible for Best Picture now? Is that how it works?

  • Vuk

    I also wanted to see Fantastic Mr. Fox win, but what can you do.. I don’t say Up didn’t deserve it, but Fantastic Mr. Fox is really something new and brilliant.
    As for short film, Logorama was the only one I didn’t watch because it was so boring (great idea but bad realization..)

  • I just knew UP will win it !! Good going Disney/Pixar !!!

  • Logorama?! To quote jp: WHY??????

  • wgan

    the shorts for nomination this year is a plain joke, hence the whole Oscar is a joke maybe?

  • ZN

    Logorama just seemed like it was made to be a pariah and also to get cheap praise from the same people who enjoy pop culture references. “Hey I remember that thing!!! I remember that thing too!! Wow that thing, remember that!!! Best short ever!”

  • I’m surprised that Wallace lost to something that seemed like it came from the world of Mike Judge’s Idiocracy. I’m more surprised at the lack of lawsuits for the film.

  • Jonah Sidhom

    Congratulations to Pete Docter and everyone who worked on UP. You guys deserve this!

  • For those who wish to understand why some feel the WRONG entry won for short film, please do check the other entries:

    * French Roast
    * Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty
    * The Lady and the Reaper
    * A Matter of Loaf and Death trailer

    And this is the short that won:


  • Having watched the shorts already, I’d say Logorama was about the worst possible choice. If anything, The Lady and the Reaper was the most enjoyable thing I’ve seen this year, even better than A Matter of Loaf and Death (although that was excellent).

  • Tim Schuit

    Very surprised at Logorama. Poor animation, gimmicky idea….yet better than French Roast and Loaf and Death?? I was surprised when I heard it got nominated…and now it won! :/

  • Also congrats on Up winning best score, even though the way they presented the award was horrible.

  • I’m actually pretty happy Up won; I feel it’s a better statement that an animated feature with very unusual elements can be produced and welcomed so well amongst wide audiences and the entertainment community. I know it may seem that Pixar holds a bit of a monopoly as an award favorite, but without their honest storytelling I feel we’d be left with very few raising the bar on content and exploration. At least this year alone had some excellent examples of how good large and small productions can create animated films.

    Too bad about the shorts; Logorama had good dialogue and an ok premise, but I felt the visuals were used like a trite gag and it didn’t add anything at all – it was pretty obnoxious in my opinion. French Roast was my fav.

  • squirrel

    UP is now the third animated film to WIN Best Animated Film. Way to go!

  • Jonah Sidhom

    Now that Fantastic Mr. Fox didn’t win the Oscar, do you guys think it will join The Iron Giant as one of the most underrated/unwatched films of all time?

  • Anna

    way to go Pixar for winning with UP! It wasn’t the greatest thing evah (sorry, was rooting for Coraline), and WTF was up with the way the music award was presented???

    “Logorama” winning makes me sad. It was easily the worst of the lot

  • Congraduations to the Up! crew for their two victories tonight!

  • “Now that Fantastic Mr. Fox didn’t win the Oscar, do you guys think it will join The Iron Giant as one of the most underrated/unwatched films of all time?”

    Heck no! With Wes Anderson as the director, it’ll do fine with not only animation buffs, but film fans in general and Wes Anderson fans who will a) watch anything he makes or b) be familiar with his work and give Foxy a try.

  • WellFedEd

    A well deserved win for Michael Giacchino, keep it UP.

  • Saturnome

    I’d love to make some smart comment like “Yay more people angry on the internet because some film have won or not” but I can’t. Logorama is trash of the lowest kind, how is that possible? Thanks God nobody cares…

  • Pedro Nakama

    I was told that Logorama had no permission from any of the logos they used. Call from McDonald’s attorney in three, two, one…

  • Very excited for Pete Docter for winning an Oscar tonight! :) I felt he deserved it with Monster’s Inc, but looks like the second try is the charm. The whole selection of nominees for Best Animated Feature was more on point than in the past. No matter who won tonight, it would’ve been well deserved.

    I’m still shocked that The Cat Piano was never nominated for Best Animated Short. Oh well.

  • Scarabim

    “Now that Fantastic Mr. Fox didn’t win the Oscar, do you guys think it will join The Iron Giant as one of the most underrated/unwatched films of all time?”

    Nope, Astro Boy deserves that honor. Although I was very happy to see that it did pretty well in the UK. Excellent little movie.

    As for Logorama…it’s like Happy Tree Friends, with logos. Meh.

  • Robert Reynolds

    I didn’t expect Logorama to be nominated, but once it was, I figured it had a good chance of winning.

  • I’d rather “French Roast” or “The Lady and the Reaper” take the animated short film category. “Logorama” wasn’t that clever and never got a chuckle out of me.

    “French Roast” was a nice dialogue-less film driven entirely by the actions of the characters and the music that accented said actions. Same for “The Lady and the Reaper”. Both were able to make me laugh out loud, and prompted me to watch them over and over despite knowing the outcome.

    “Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty” was mildly entertaining, but nothing special.

  • what a surprise… people complaining about best animated short.

  • Gepinniw

    I bet even the makers of Up would admit Fantastic Mr. Fox is the superior picture.
    Up was great, but FMF will be the one people are still watching 100 years from now.
    But then I think Inglorious Basterds or District 9 were both 10x better than The Hurt Locker, so what do I know.

  • optimist

    “Up”: well deserved statuette, from a field of very deserving films.

    “Logorama”: I’ve seen it and I’m stunned. It’s execrable.

  • Slash Halen

    Of course Up was gonna win. Did anyone really think otherwise? I personally thought Coraline was a better film, but meh. What are ya gonna do?

    I also thought Michael Giacchino’s soundtrack for Star Trek was better than Up.

  • Mike Johnson

    I’m glad UP won, and especially happy that Michael Giacchino picked up an Oscar. His music is just so different from all of the standard Hollywood big dog composers that hearing anything by him is like watching the sun break through the clouds, sonically speaking.

    As to Logorama, I liked it more for the idea than the execution, but didn’t think it deserved to win over some of the others. As far as not getting permission from any of the companies to use their logos, doesn’t that fall into the “fair game as long as it’s satire” legal heading?

  • Sam

    I’m surprised LOGORAMA won. Come one Academy members, really? I was thinking A MATTER OF LOAF AND DEATH would win, since it previously won the BAFTA, not to mention Nick Park was won all of his nominations, up until this point. And LOGORAMA apparently took 6 years to produce.

  • “I was told that Logorama had no permission from any of the logos they used. Call from McDonald’s attorney in three, two, one…”

    It’s under fair use: no one is making any money off the thing.

  • I’m coming in to give Logorama support. I called it a while back ago cause really the others just weren’t funny or creative. I kinda thought that Wallce and Gromit could’ve won but I didn’t have to see it to kinda guess that it was the same jokes again.

    Way to go Logorama, you deserved it for being so daring.

  • Take that, James Cameron!

  • @Brandon Pierce: I’m with you on that!

  • OtherDan

    Congrats to Pete Doctor! I’m glad he won-he puts a lot of thought and heart in his work. I remember at the Annie’s feeling like it was anyones to win because they each had something special. But, that opening act in “Up” was so engaging and touching, and so rare in films that it’s nice to see people still recognize that delicate craft in film. That said, The “Incredible Mr. Fox” was a movie like “Airplane”-a movie that I will want to watch again and again. “Princes and The Frog” was also a film close to the heart. And “Coraline” was another “Nightmare Before Christmas” classic…They were all worthy of best picture.

  • Great job, folks at Disney/Pixar! I am liking that pic by Oscar Grillo.

    Lady and the Reaper should’ve won Best Short, or Partly Cloudy, but I’m fine with the results.

    I wonder what James Cameron is feeling right now.

  • HH

    UP is good but forgetful. Not a surprise since Oscars is about the general audience pick. Fantastic Mr. Fox would have won if there were more advertisements on it and better trailers.

  • So there’s enough common sense in the wacky Hollywood culture that this didn’t become the all-Avatar fetish program that I thought it would be.

  • For those who wish to view most of the shorts, just go up thread to my last post. I got video links for most of them.

  • I was flabbergasted when they announced “Logorama” as the winner. It’s more of an iSpy game than a narrative short and the dialogue is mostly comprised of angry cursing, from what I remember. AND the graphics weren’t even praiseworthy. It looked like something from 10 years ago… I would have preferred anything else to win.

  • What a great year for animation! “Up” and “Logorama” both deserve their prize for best film, and a lot of people who know a good deal about filmmaking (all the Academy branches) seem to agree.

    By the way, check out “The Cat Piano” (short) and “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” (feature). They deserve mention in their respective fields!

  • matt Sullivan

    UP…it’s good. And i’m happy for all who worked on it but…

    Fantastic Mr. Fox is better. It’s just better. UP had a weak 2nd and 3rd act with many unresolved questions and much alluded to plot devices.

    Meh. Not like it affects me anyhoo. Good for EVERYONE nominated.

  • I was rooting for Fantastic Mr. Fox. I liked Logorama the best out of the shorts category. I did not like up.

  • I know this is off subject but since we’re on the subject of disappointing surprise winners namely “Logorama”. Was anyone else surprise that Sandra Bullock won best actress? I would have thought Gabourey Sidibe would have won. I mean talk about a BRAVE performance.

  • @RacattackForce

    “It’s under fair use: no one is making any money off the thing.”

    Sita Sings the Blues wasn’t going to make any money. Didn’t stop the record companies from screwing Nina

  • Lucky Jim

    “I wonder what James Cameron is feeling right now.”

    The guy’s got three Oscars from “Titanic,” proved everyone wrong by making another “highest-grossing movie of all time,” and told his ex-wife she should make “The Hurt Locker.” Oh, and he’s worth millions of dollars. He’s feeling fine!

    Anyway, congrats to Pete Docter, Michael Giaachino and and the folks behind “Logorama;” their awards were much deserved.

  • Slippy

    So, Avatar won for best cinematography, even though it’s 80% computer generated. Is this the first cinematography award ever to go to a movie where most of the cameras were virtual?

  • Graham

    Way to break the mold by letting Pixar win! Well done, Academy!

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    I knew somehow that UP would win.(and deserved to as well) I’m still rather disappointed that PONYO wasn’t nominated. It would have been fun to have seen Ponyo talk about getting nominated.(perhaps she would have talked in Japanese with English subtitles underneath)
    I enjoyed the talkback from the other stars of the nominated features.

  • maguilla

    Disney owns you!!! Good luck finding a job in the industry when Disney is the only studio standing.

    Not mad at the fact the UP won, who cares??? Coraline and Fantastic Mr. Fox were the real contenders there. I don’t know how many times I’ve played Coraline for my nephews/nieces; UP is only there gathering dust (want more facts?) This Oscar is going to be sour for Pixar knowing they weren’t a match for the fore mentioned movies.

    Now what really got me mad: Miley Cyrus/Hanna Banana? WTF??? The Oscars became a crap fest with the Logorama win and the Hurt Locker.

    It’s a brave new world after all.

  • I think the main reason Avatar lost best director as well as picture was that it relied too much on, well, avatars. The academy is all about actors and traditional filmmaking, and there is no way they are going to encourage synthetic digital actors.

  • Logorama seemed tedious, but they all had that problem.

    I wonder what the actual vote numbers were for animated short since Academy members are only allowed to vote on that if they’ve been to the special screening?

    I bet the numbers are microscopic. I bet it would be possible for a motivated producer to pack the vote by busing in a few dozen Academy members.

  • Sylvain

    *deep breath* What a disappointment, once again the highest budget film have won.

  • At the screening of the nominees, I liked Runaway best, I think. Not one of the contenders, but very awesome. Always loved the The Cat Came Back. Surprised that A Matter of Loaf and Death didn’t win though. Craziness.

  • I encountered something odd.
    The Lady and the Reaper is (if you’ll excuse the plug) the same film as our The Han Solo Affair! I’m not calling fake or anything, just saying they are both the exact same film with most of the same shots. Fact.
    The joke in The Han Solo Affair is that we took a familiar, maudling situation and dumbed it down to a series of generic cartoon tropes. Lady and the Reaper is the same gag.
    I would concede that ‘Reaper is the far better film, since it has suicide as a punchline – and suicide is about the funniest punchline going. Except that it doesn’t actually stop there and tries for sloppy seconds after it’s already shot its load. Our film knows when it’s finished, and has Return of the Jedi as a punchline, so for my money (which wasn’t much) we win.

    Logorama is cute, and sort of daring for its gimmick – but whats interesting is how regionalised it is. If you are outside of North America then about 75% of the sight gags fall flat, because we have different branding elsewhere. I was left going “oh, I guess there must be a logo that looks like a gun there” and “oh, I guess that helicopter must be some logo too”. But I guess that kind of US-centrism is EXACTLY what makes it Academy material.
    Odd that it’s actually French, as I understand it?

  • Discussion of this year’s best animated feature award should begin and end at “PONYO WAS NOT NOMINATED!?!?!”

  • anim8tionfan

    Who votes on shorts? Not since “The Moon and the Son” won has such an obvious mistake been made.

  • I wanted to post yesterday but the “Write a Comment” was missing for me. Anyway, I agree with Monico, of the 10 finalists I thought Runaway was the strongest film, but it didn’t even get nominated. The film I liked the least was Logorama (one basic idea stretched over way too long a film) but I think it won because it was the most original. All the others seemed like retreads, very enjoyable, but too familiar. And to anim8tionfan I feel The Moon and the Son was the best choice that year, perhaps not technically the best animation, but very unique and very moving.

  • Clement

    A funny thing about Logorama is Nicolas Schmerkin who received the Oscar is not in the credits ! Apparently he’s the boss of the production company, but anyways if he actually produced the film he shouldn’t have received the award in place of the 3 artists who’ve worked on the film for 6 years.

  • why everyone gets so upset by the oscars is beyond me. every one of the films up for best animated picture was a good, solid film. One winning over another is no dis to the other films.

  • Logorama was loved because of how it represents the economic colapse in a unique way.
    Not for it’s animation, sadly. Otherwise another would have won.
    Although I do think Logorama was a great little short for that premise.

    But that is why it won, the Academy knows nothing about animation and that is why they only go by story. Something they know of, but not knowing about how ANIMATION can create a story is truly sad.

  • High-Minded Civilian

    I may be alone here, but I’m going to go ahead and say Lady and the Reaper was easily the worst of the nominees. Mostly because its introduction promised so much more than it delivered. The switch in tone was jarring, instead of funny, and none of the gags worked as a result. If you’re going to make a Tex Avery-like short, get straight to the comedy. Don’t sucker punch the audience.

  • vzk

    The premise of Logorama is VERY similar to Food Fight.

    Also, is this the first time an animated short with profanity wins an Oscar?

  • MadRat

    It should have been obvious that “Up” would win. “Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit” and “Spirited Away” are the only two non-computer animated Best Features. The Academy loves to have CGI as winners.

    I’m not an animator but I felt “A Matter of Loaf and Death” had the best animation of the bunch, although it seemed very slightly less original and funny as its predecessors. Of course just because your cartoon is fluid doesn’t mean you’ll win. The Academy likes to give awards for daring and originality. I wanted Logorama to win from the moment I saw it. The idea wasn’t especially original, the art and animation were average, but I wanted it to win out of frustration over copyright abuse. How many animators would have the daring to make anything like Logorama? We live in a world were the concept of a strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) not only has its own term but even its own wikipedia page. ( My wife, on the other hand, hated Logorama because of the profanity for the most part. (“That’s why I hated it.” -wife)