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Ottawa 07 Programs and Call for Entries

Ottawa 07 poster by Oscar GrilloThe Ottawa 2007 International Animation Festival, planned for September 19-23, has announced its slate of special screenings and retrospectives. Among the highlights: a 4-part tribute to UPA, the mid-century design geniuses responsible for Gerald McBoingBoing, The Tell-Tale Heart, Rooty Toot Toot, and the Mr. Magoo shorts; retrospectives devoted to Joanna Quinn and Janet Perlman; a program called “Poetry in Motion,” featuring animation inspired by classic poetry; “Saul Steinberg and Animation,” a showcase of films influenced by the famed New Yorker cartoonist; and a memorial tribute to animator Helen Hill, who was tragically killed earlier this year in New Orleans.

The festival has also put out a call for entries. There’s no entry fee and deadline to enter films is June 1, 2007. Entry forms and submission details are available here. Festival artistic director Chris Robinson notes that, “This year we’re putting some emphasis on reaching out to the gaming, mobile, wireless and interactive world. With more and more animation being made for non-traditional distribution platforms, it’s important that the OIAF celebrate the work being done in these new forms, so we’ve expanded our New Media Competition to include mobile content and interactive educational and gaming animation as well as shorts made for the Internet.â€?

2007 festival poster by Oscar Grillo

  • Very nice poster! …I think.

    Is there a larger image somewhere?

  • Bill Field

    Oscar Grillo’s Poster is really terrific– and the UPA tribute sounds awesome. Chris Robinson is really gonna make this one count—I am truly happy to hear about the Helen Hill tribute, she had a growing voice in experimental animation, her work fresh and to some, groundbreaking. Not one to mince words, here, she was senselessly murdered in New Orleans, her husband lived thru the attack and their young son wasn’t physically harmed- but has moved back to Canada with his Dad. Sorry,”killed tragically”, doesn’t paint the egregious act clearly enough, to explain why so many of us in the animation world can’t get past the taking of a genuinely good soul like Helen’s. But that’s all the more reason to celebrate her life-I for one am going to do everything I can to go to Ottawa, this year.

  • This sounds fantastic. I went to Ottawa with the rest of my peers from Pratt last year, and had an amazing time. Just last week, I submitted a film of my own to Ottawa for student judging.

    The UPA tribute sounds fantastic, as I happen to like a lot of their stuff. But the Joanna Quinn retrospective is what really grabs me. She is without a doubt one of my all time favorite animators. Her drawing style and British humor are a wonderful match, and her last film, DREAMS AND DESIRES, was nothing short of genius.

    I am planning on going again this year with my peers. I hope Joanna Quinn is acutally attending, because I would love to meet her.

  • Chris Robinson

    hey folks,
    Joanna Quinn will be attending —and also serve as a member of the jury…and I believe we’ll have Run Wrake and Ruth Lingford as guests too. Marcel Jean is curating the Poetry programme and George Griffin is behind the nifty Steinberg idea. There’s a few more retros. to finalize still plus our workshops/Tech Forum/Television Animation Conference.

    crap..there’s work to be done.