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Ottawa ’09 Competition Selections

Ottawa Animation Festival

The Ottawa International Animation Festival has announced their official selections for this year’s festival, which takes place between October 14-18.

There are ninety-three films competing in the various short categories. Competition selections in Ottawa are a wonderful reason to attend and always one of the highlights of the festival. The line-up is filled with challenging, progressive and interesting uses of the animation medium. Check out the list of competing films here. I’m especially pleased that they maintain such high standards because I’m on the festival’s short film jury this year alongside filmmakers Suzan Pitt and Jim Blashfield.

Feature competition is also more robust than usual with seven films vying for the prize: Henry Selick’s Coraline, Tatia Rosenthal’s $9.99, Neil Burns’s Edison and Leo, Priit and Olga Pärn’s Life Without Gabriella Ferri, Sunao Katabuchi’s Mai Mai Miracle, Adam Elliot’s Mary and Max, and Paul and Sandra Fierlinger’s My Dog Tulip. It’s nice to see a healthy selection of features, especially after the feature debacle in Ottawa last year in which the best feature prize was inexplicably awarded to Battle for Terra.

(Ottawa poster by Theodore Ushev)

  • chris robinson

    sadly, there may not be a festival catalogue this year owing to the tardiness of a certain jury member who hangs out with septuagenarians, wears grandpa hats and likes tea and biscuits.

  • I thought for sure THE SECRET OF KELLS would be included in the Feature category! Well, I guess it can’t be too bad.

  • chris robinson

    Secret of Kells wasn’t submitted.

  • Very much looking forward to the event! I’ve heard so many great things about Ottawa, it’s going to be a treat to be a part of it.

  • interesting style choice for the poster. it looks like Jean-Michel Basquiat’s work.

  • Ha! Ha! Theo, you got compared to Basquiat.

    PS: Ottawa suxx0rz

  • Holy cow…seven features??? Boy is that gonna tire me out! Can’t wait to see everything this year!

  • chris robinson

    I’m sure Theo would prefer to be compared to a kid than Basquiat.

    Asterisk scks wingdings

  • huh, I didn’t realize being compared to Basquiat was considered such an insult. I thought my comment was pretty innocuous, but there you go.

  • chris robinson

    Basquiat isnt an insult at all… I just know that Ushev was doing a series of drawings in the vein of kid’s scribbles…so I really meant that he’d be happy to have the work compared to a kid’s.

    Jessica… yeah…7 features. What can I say? We usually have 5 spots open for features. They are rarely filled. This year was special. I bet we’re back to 3-4 features next year.

    O’Connor: you suck toques

  • Basquiat is an apt comparison in many ways, and a keen observation.

    Having animated Basquiat paintings (and the study that goes into that), and knowing Theo’s work a bit -Ushev’s is much richer, deeper.

    It’s a rareity in our field when an animation artist’s “fine art” work exceeds that of even the most pedestrian gallery artist.

    Sucking is good, right? But I though it was spelled “t-o-u-q-u-e-s.”

  • that poster is too crap to be for an animation festival… i mean.. what tv exec is going to attend THAT?? effing art freaks. where are the big eyed thin limbed cg characters?

  • There’s so much sarcasm going on here I’m not sure what to think.
    In other news, I like the poster, its a refreshing change from previous years. And I’m glad to hear you’re a judge, Amid. I’ll have a chance to babble about Cartoon Modern to you again. Also, I’m definitely seeing Max and Mary.

  • Theodore Ushev

    Well, I don’t like so much Basquiat, though I find him interesting. But this is really my kid period (which I guess never stops, it is just but chance that OIAF got victim of this “explosion”, for which I’m deeply sorry (not so much though, haha) So disappointed, that there are not enough comments – This poster sucks, haha. As for the festival – I’m so sad that we won’t see Amid works this Year, due to “conflicts of interests” Last Year his works got a pretty good response…