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Pre-Code wrap-up


Mark Kausler blogged about the Pre-Code Cartoon show I presented at the Silent Movie Theatre in Los Angeles last Tuesday. It was a smash hit and many people had to be turned away. The theatre has about 160 seats (not 100 as Mark notes) and, by popular demand, a second show was hastily arranged two hours after the first one. I guess running cartoons at the Silent Movie Theatre will be regular thing from now on. Thanks to everyone who attended (or tried to attend). Mark, who loaned me several film prints for the show, also has some photos from the evening, and a list of what we ran, on his blog.

  • Force Tube Avenue

    I look forward to the day you play this show on the east coast.

  • Kevin Wollenweber

    I’ll go one better–I not only look forward to the day, if possible, that this show has an East Coast run *AND* we perhaps see a DVD of pre-Code cartoons, spotlighting the earliest LOONEY TUNES, fully restored. Now, there’s a dream well worth waiting for!!

  • Bob

    I was at the show. THANK YOU JERRY! It was truly amazing to see how many people showed up. I was also surprised how many younger people showed up. I’m 20 and I thought I’d be the youngest one there.

    The 35 mm prints looked BEAUTIFUL. I have never seen them look so great. I can’t wait for the next event! Keep them coming PLEASE! It was truly a blast.

  • Ditto on the 35mm prints. Those were the stars of the show.

  • SDC

    I’m hating that I missed this…