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What do Brad Bird, Bill Plympton, Mel Blanc, Pinto Colvig, Carl Barks, Matt Groening, Basil Wolverton and Will Vinton have in common?

They all came from Oregon. Film historian Dennis Nyback has been running an animation festival there all month long, highlighting these local talents as well as the entire history of animation. There are incredible shows all week, leading to grand finale on Thursday March 15th at Portland’s historic Hollywood Theatre. The program that night will include classic shorts in 35mm by Jan Svankmajer, John Hubley, Mike Judge, Marv Newland, Will Vinton, Bill Plympton, John Lasseter (pictured above left), Barry Purves (above right) and, believe it or not, Paul J. Smith (center image).

The show starts at 7:15 PM. Admission: $6.00. Tickets can be purchased online at hollywoodtheatre.org

  • vzky

    Will “Knick Knack” be shown in its uncensored version?

  • Sounds very cool, I’ll be there.

    I’d like to talk to Bill Plympton again. I met him at New York Con and he’s an awesome guy.

    If it’s from Dennis’ personal collection of 35mm prints acquired prior to Disney’s rerelease, then it may very well be an uncensored Knick Knack.

  • Rod Scribner, Lloyd Vaughan, Jack Cosgriff, Graham Heid and composer George Bruns were also from — well, at least born in Oregon.

  • kevin mummery

    Wish I could attend, looks like quite a show!

    Did Basil Wolverton ever do any animation, or did anyone else ever attempt to create a Wolverton-style animation?

  • Dav Pilkey (the Captain Underpants creator) also lives in Oregon, if that’s anything.